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Produce, transmit, and distribute live video from any mobile or fixed location.


Quickly deliver your live video content simultaneously across multiple social networks, including Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and more.

Let VidOvation and Haivision help you engage with your audience, customers, congregation, and more during these challenging times.

BeOnAIR is an affordable and broadcast-grade Live Streaming solution.

This all-in-one package offers a simple and robust solution to broadcast your Live on the move from anywhere to multiple on-line platforms.

#BeOnAIR all-in-one package.


# Your AIR transmitter

Produce high-quality live video while on the move with the World famous AIR220 H.264 bonded cellular transmitter. Transmit your video using the Public Internet, Wi-Fi or bonded 3G/4G networks even in harsh networks conditions.

# Your MOJOPRO mobile app

Create live video stories with the advanced MOJOPRO iOS or Android™ application. Broadcast HD Live from the field or record, edit and forward video clips.

# Your services

Live stream toward multiple destinations at the same time – social networks, CDN or production platforms in the cloud – and keep your audience fully engaged.

AIR220 Streaming Field Encoder & Transmitter

  • Ultra portable cellular transmitter
  • Full HD Live streaming, Store & Forward files
  • 2 embedded 4G modems
  • 2 USB extensions
  • 1 Ethernet port
  • Bonds up to 6 connections
  • Emmy® awarded SST technology
  • SDI and HDMI in
  • User-friendly interface
  • 2-hour embedded battery

MOJOPRO Mobile App

  • iOS & Android™ mobile application
  • Full HD Live streaming, Edit, Store & Forward files
  • Emmy® awarded SST technology
  • Camera set-up & picture shooting during the Live
  • Dynamic resolution
  • Easy-to-use video & audio editing features

Cloud Service – Stream to FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter and more

  • Stream simultaneously to 5 destinations
    • any Social Network  –  YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and more.
    • any CDN
    • any Production platform in the cloud
    • any Haivision receiver platform
    • Support of most of IP streaming protocols
    • Unlimited data traffic

# Simple & robust

Plug your camera and go live in one click. Stream from anywhere even in harsh network conditions thanks to the Emmy® awarded SST technology aggregating cellular networks.

# Affordable

Broadcast Premium HD video quality at an affordable price.

# Mobile

Move freely thanks to the ultimate mobile live streaming app and the lightweight transmitter clipped on your belt or fixed on the camera.

# Multi-targets

Reach your audience through any platforms including Social networks (YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, etc.), CDN, or your own production platform in the Cloud.