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3 Industries That Can Benefit From Wireless Video Transmitters – VidOvation Blog


Last updated Jul 11, 2023 | Published on Jun 1, 2017 | Wireless Video

Over the last decade, the world has gone wireless. From home and office computer networks to VOIP, wireless communications technology has converted a world that was once built for wires into one where both viewers and content creators expect wireless convenience.

While wireless technology is well established on the consumer side of media, it’s less common on the business side. However, new wireless video transmitters and production systems are starting to become popular in a wide variety of industries, for an equally wide range of reasons.

From retail to live events, a variety of businesses in many industries can benefit from adding wireless technology to their toolkit. Below, we’ve listed three industries that can see the biggest benefits from switching from wired to professional wireless video transmitting technology.


Over the last five years, IPTV has become increasingly popular with both large and small retail businesses across the United States. Being able to broadcast content to a variety of devices is an extremely valuable asset for any retail business focused on effective marketing and sales.

Wireless video transmitters make the process even easier. Instead of transmitting video from a source over ethernet or an Internet connection, wireless video transmitters let you send a video signal from a source to a variety of units without set top boxes or ethernet cables.

This means that in a retail environment, you can broadcast a wireless signal to displays around your store that list new products, special offers and upcoming promotions, all without any wires cluttering up the environment and affecting the customer’s experience.

All that’s required is a wireless video transmitter with a large enough range to cover your retail store, as well as wireless video receivers for each display.

Live Events

If there’s one industry that can benefit from wireless video transmission, it’s live events. For the most part, live events depend on wired video technology to transmit content from a source — in most cases, one or several cameras — to a variety of displays.

This, of course, has several weaknesses. Cables are a common point of failure in many event environments. Often, all it takes to disrupt a signal and affect a broadcast is excess foot traffic, damaged cables or improper setup in a specific area.

Using wireless video technology, event organizers can simplify the technology side of an event significantly, all while improving results.

During a presentation or keynote speech, video content can be transmitted to displays without annoying cables or bulky equipment. During a live event, camera operators can get in closer to the action without having to worry about potentially hazardous cables.

With many wireless video transmitters capable of sending broadcast-grade video over a range of two miles, even the largest events can benefit from wireless broadcasting technology.


A growing number of businesses are switching from closed circuit video to zero latency wireless video not only for in-store displays and presentations, but also for security.

Wireless surveillance cameras, which transmit video over Wi-Fi, have grown in popularity over the last five years. Once uncommon, they’re now a common sight in retail stores interested in improving security, reducing losses and keeping customers safe.

Beyond the convenience factor of wireless surveillance cameras, wireless video has major cost advantages for business. It’s reliable, easy to operate, low maintenance, and typically costs far less than an equivalent fiber optic cable network.

In addition to retailers, a growing number of homeowners are investing in wireless cameras for security purposes. Being able to back up video content and watch video remotely are regarded as some of the biggest selling points of wireless video transmission for home users.

Add wireless video to your business’s toolkit

We specialize in helping businesses start using wireless video, audio and data communication technology. From small businesses to large enterprises, we work with businesses of all sizes to design and engineer wireless and IPTV systems that do what you need, when you need it.

Would you like to learn more about using wireless video and IPTV for your business? Contact us now to talk to our experienced staff and learn more about the best options, equipment and solutions for your business.


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