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3 Things You Should Know Before Purchasing A Wireless Video Transmitter

Last updated Nov 22, 2018 | Published on Aug 20, 2018 | News

Wireless video transmission makes sending information across devices in your business easier and more convenient. And you can do more with wireless video transmission than you can with many traditional wire connections. There’s a reason that wireless technology has grown within the last several years, and if you’re thinking about purchasing a wireless video transmission device, you might wonder what you should be looking for in the product that you finally choose to purchase. There are a couple of things that you should verify about the exact product that you are looking at.

What Kind of Frequency Selection Does It Use?

One of the first questions you should ask about a wireless video transmission device that you are thinking about purchasing is the frequency selection. You don’t want your pictures to come in snowy or take forever to load, so you need a device that uses dynamic frequency selection. This type of device automatically looks for the frequency with the lowest amount of interference so that the information you send doesn’t take forever to send or come in with a bad picture quality.

Strength of the Signal

More than likely, you’ll want to send signals down the hallway and through walls. These barriers can affect the quality of the image if the signal isn’t strong enough. Make sure that you get a wireless transmission signal device that has a strong enough signal for the distance and number of objects that you will need to send across. Look at the distance over which a signal can be broadcast. For example, 3000 feet is an adequate distance within your location.

The Weight of the Wireless Video Transmission Device

Most should weigh only a couple of ounces. This makes moving them easier when you need to use it in a different location. For instance, if you want to take your wireless video transmission device on a trip, it’s a lot easier to pack in your bags if it’s small, and it will save on the total amount of your weight so that you have more weight for heavier items on the plane. Airlines have a certain limit for how much you can put in your suitcase, so it’s better to not take up too much on things that could weigh less. A lighter device also makes it easier to move. Even if you are just trying to use within a certain distance, you’ll do much better if you can pick it up and move it with one hand.

Wireless video transmission devices are a great way to get the most out of wireless technology. There are many new features, and technology is only improving over time. When you’re looking for a new wireless video transmission device, shop around and compare between the many options available. Also, take the time to test a couple of them out if you can. The device that you buy will depend on your needs, and not every user has the same needs.

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