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3 Use Cases to Show How Technology-as-a-Service Can Benefit You

Last updated Nov 30, 2022 | Published on Oct 20, 2022 | News, Technology - Engineering, Featured, Technology as a Service - TaaS

Do you ever worry about getting locked into the wrong technology or suddenly being forced to divert a large chunk of your budget away from other expenses to replace gear?

With the fast pace of innovation in production technology, it’s understandable if you fear making a big capital investment that ultimately will only last you a year or two before it’s time to upgrade again.

That’s why VidOvation’s new Technology-as-a-Service (TaaS) subscription offering can solve workflow and budget problems that have long plagued our industry. TaaS is a new way to acquire the latest broadcast technology without an up-front capital outlay. Instead, the cost of all of our gear is spread out over the length of your subscription.

Today, I’d like to share with you three use cases for TaaS that have come up recently among our clients.

           1. Plan for future migrations without killing your cash flow.

I recently talked to one of our VidOvation customers, a production company contracted to cover sports for a major network, and they were considering an HD-bonded cellular workflow. I said, “Have you thought about 4K?”

“Oh, we’d love to,” they responded, “But we can’t afford that. And besides, our client isn’t ready for 4K yet.”

However, a couple of years from now, it’s easy to imagine that their network client will be demanding 4K, placing this small production company in a difficult position of needing to buy all new gear yet again.

With Technology-as-a-Service, the production company can, instead, sign a 60-month deal for the HD-bonded cellular workflow that makes the most sense now. And in two or three years, when their network client is ready, they can upgrade to 4K.

VidOvation will take their old gear back, sign a new 36 or 60-month deal on the 4K gear, and they’re set – without putting at risk their client relationship or investing in depreciating systems.

Takeaway: You no longer need to worry about getting locked into the wrong gear because at any time over the course of your subscription, you have the option to upgrade to new technology of equal or greater value.

         2. Eliminate up-front investments in depreciating systems.

One of the challenges of broadcast production is that you are often forced to swallow up a large portion of your budget every few years to keep up with rapidly changing technology.

A state government agency with a crumbling IPTV system past its end of life found itself in that situation recently. They had to scramble to get budget approval to upgrade their technology. “Now we have to come up with a ton of money from the state’s coffers for new equipment that’s not in the approved annual budget,” they told me.

Even if you aren’t part of a government agency, you can likely identify with concerns over having to divert a large portion of your budget away from other important priorities to keep your tech relevant.

Technology-as-a-Service makes it easy to operate state-of-the-art gear without killing your cash flow. The state government agency could spread the capital cost out over the length of the subscription. One affordable monthly payment includes installation, support, and an extended warranty.

Takeaway: No matter your budget, you can afford the best gear because equipment expenses are spread out over 36 or 60 months. We offer TaaS subscriptions on all of our products, including top sellers like Haivision/Haivision, VISLINK, CyanView, MultiDyne, and IPTV distribution and signage systems.

        3.  Avoid costly mistakes you’ll regret sooner or later.

One of VidOvation’s media company clients recently came to us and said they wanted an IPTV and digital signage system. However, they were on the fence about moving ahead because they thought they might need to go to 4K within the next couple of years.

They said, “Why should we decide now? What if we install and we realize we should have gone with 4K two months later, and we’ve made an expensive mistake?” Their concern is understandable. No one wants to invest in something now that they’ll regret later.

Technology-as-a-Service makes it easy and affordable to consistently operate the latest and greatest gear. Whenever you’re ready to upgrade, VidOvation will take your old gear back, set you up with a new subscription on equal or greater value gear, and you’re set – without getting stuck with obsolescent systems.

Takeaway: You no longer need to fear committing to rapidly depreciating gear because you can upgrade your equipment anytime.

Are you ready to discover how Technology-as-a-Service can solve your workflow problems by giving you greater control, flexibility, and peace of mind?

Schedule a call, and let’s talk about how TaaS can support your current projects.


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