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ABonAir 7msec Delay Wireless Video Link Webinar

Last updated Aug 9, 2019 | Published on Aug 8, 2019 | Podcast

AB512 7 msec Delay, Broadcast Quality, Wireless Video Link with 3 KM / 2 Miles range. Learn how the system works in this recorded webinar.…

Wireless video systems used to have quite a bit of latency, as much as 2-6 frames, causing all sorts of audio lip sync and video delay issues. But now, the newest wireless video systems have just 7 milli-seconds latency (much less than a frame!) and use industry standard H.264 encoding – which means lip sync issues are solved and switching between various cameras and sources is seamless.

We’ve had a lot of questions about this new technology from “Just 7 milli-seconds, is that for real?!” to “How can I solve the lip sync issues we are dealing with at live events?” See how it works, ask your questions live, get a feel for the latest wireless camera systems and how they could help you. Learn about:

* New low latency, long-range wireless camera technology for broadcast.

* Why super low latency (7ms delay) is needed in a wireless system.

* How to connect different venues together (e.g. stadium, tunnel, locker room, tailgaters)

* Find out why you need dynamic frequency hopping.

* Why 40 Mbps throughput is needed for superior video quality.

Watch the recorded webinar to learn more about live wireless broadcast, how the new low latency systems really work, adaptive modulation, adaptive bitrate, and more.

ABonAir’s AB512™ systems deliver video in an unexpected 7 msec delay without compromising ABonAir’s reputation for superior video quality. In addition to the 7mSec delay, the AB500™ product family includes a proven H.264 CODEC that was explicitly designed to reduce latency and increase picture quality in wireless video systems. The range increased to a fantastic 3 KM or 2 Miles by CODEC-Wireless optimization. The system features an automatic RF spectrum analyzer which automatically selects and hop to the best RF channel without dropping a single bit. The manual channel selection option is ideal for frequency coordination. Based on RF link conditions the system features Adaptive Modulation and Adaptive Bitrate.

AB512 – ABonAir Best Wireless Video Link.

The most comprehensive, feature-rich solution with all upgrade option. ABonAir’s AB512™ wireless video system enables camera teams to transmit video directly from cameras to media centers or OB trucks wirelessly. Built on a bi-directional radio channel between transmitter and receiver, ABonAir’s systems acknowledge the correct acceptance of each group of pixels, thus provides exceptionally robust and reliable transmission. The AB512™ supports ABonAir’s Fiber Coverage Extension (FCE), which enables connection of a single receiver to multiple FCEs in various venue locations (e.g. Horse Race Track – racetrack, stables and the winning circle) or even on completely separate sites (e.g. football stadium, basketball arena and swimming pool) all via fiber cables with unlimited range.

AB512-Receiver-ABonAir 7 msec Delay (subframe delay)

For live event coverage & multi-camera production Low delay enables the production of multi-camera and live show without worrying about the delay caused by the simultaneous operation of different cameras or lip sync.

Delay_7_msec_AB512 1U or Portable Receiver for maximum flexibility.

For fixed setups or a temporary production.

Until a few years ago, only large networks could use wireless equipment because it required purchasing expensive frequency licenses from the regulator. In recent years, however, governments and regulators around the world provide unlicensed frequencies for public use for any purpose – including video transmission – allowing even smaller productions to use wireless links easily and free of charge. To answer this demand, manufacturers started to develop unlicensed solutions. Unlicensed systems’ volume grew and drove cost down, motivating big networks also to use them even though they own frequencies.

AB512-Receiver-1RU-Portable-ABonAir High-picture quality (+52db PSNR) with new revolutionary CODEC technology New ground-breaking CODEC by ABonAir enables an accurate frame encoding at high speeds and excellent picture quality.

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