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ABonAir Wireless Camera Link with Return Video & Teleprompter – NAB Product of the Year Award Winner

Published on Nov 23, 2021 | News, NAB Show

ABonAir Wireless Camera Link with Return Video & Teleprompter is the Winner of the NAB Product of the Year Award

2024 Update: ABonAir’s Wireless Camera Link Continues to Lead with Innovation

Since its crowning achievement as the NAB Product of the Year in 2019, ABonAir’s Wireless Camera Link with Return Video & Teleprompter has remained at the forefront of the industry, driving innovation and setting new standards for wireless video solutions.

Integrated Teleprompter and Video Return System: Redefining Multi-Camera Productions

Expanding upon its groundbreaking technology, ABonAir has perfected its wireless camera link system to integrate teleprompter functionality with return video capabilities seamlessly. This integration remains unmatched in the industry, providing seamless synchronization between on-site camera operators and media control rooms. Through ABonAir’s bidirectional radio technology, users effortlessly receive video, data, and teleprompter feeds, ensuring flawless and synchronized live program production. The teleprompter return video feature remains indispensable for tier-1 multi-camera productions, offering unmatched efficiency and precision.

Extended Transmission Range: Breaking Barriers in Wireless Connectivity

ABonAir remains at the forefront of wireless connectivity by extending its transmission range to 10 miles or 16 kilometers. This achievement ensures the preservation of broadcast-quality video even over vast distances, without compromise. Whether capturing footage in remote locations or covering expansive events, ABonAir’s wireless camera link delivers unparalleled performance and flexibility.

Lightweight Design and Low Latency: Tailored for Mobile Applications

In response to the demand for lightweight and agile solutions, ABonAir has optimized its wireless transmitter and receiver, each weighing less than a pound. This design makes them ideal for drone and mobile applications, where mobility and efficiency are paramount. Additionally, ABonAir’s minimal latency of just 7 milliseconds ensures real-time responsiveness, which is crucial for capturing fast-paced action and live events with precision and accuracy.

Continued Innovation: Redefining Broadcast Wireless Technology

With its zero setup time and a coverage distance of up to 750 meters or 2500 feet, ABonAir’s AB405 system continues to set new benchmarks in the broadcast wireless industry. Featuring bi-directional radio with ARQ per pixel acknowledgment and upgradeable sub-frame delay at broadcast quality, ABonAir empowers broadcasters and content creators to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Experience the Future of Wireless Video Solutions

As ABonAir continues to innovate and evolve, it remains committed to delivering cutting-edge wireless video solutions that redefine industry standards. To experience the future of wireless video production firsthand, schedule a demonstration with our team today. Witness the unparalleled performance, reliability, and flexibility of ABonAir’s award-winning technology and elevate your next production to new heights.

Stay tuned for more updates and announcements as we continue to pioneer the future of wireless video production.

ABonAir wireless camera Link with Teleprompter and Video Return system – NAB Winner for the Product of The Year Award!

ABonAir will unveil the FIRST EVER truly integrated wireless camera link with a teleprompter and return video capabilities. ABonAir’s complete wireless video solution offers a single link that incorporates wireless

Wireless Teleprompter and Video Return System

program video, teleprompter, video return, CCU, and Intercom.  The new system relies on ABonAir’s bidirectional radio technology, allowing the camera operator to receive a wireless link of video, data, and teleprompter from the control room. As a result, the camera operator on-site can completely sync with the media center and view the live program feed. The new and unique teleprompter return video feature is vital for tier-1 multi-camera productions. Demonstrations of ABonAir’s Teleprompter and Video Return system are available by pre-scheduled meetings.


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ABonAir wireless camera link with Extended transmission range

ABonAir is pushing the envelope again with a point-to-point wireless video link with an excellent transmission distance of up to 10 miles / 16 km. Broadcast quality video is preserved at this distance without losing a single pixel!  At NAB 2019, we will unveil the technology behind this achievement.


ABonAir Lightweight & Affordable Wireless Link with 7 msec Latency

The wireless transmitter and receiver, each weighing less than a pound, are ideal for drone and mobile applications where a small and lightweight footprint is needed.  The ABonFreaturing zero set-up time and a coverage distance of up to 750 meters / 2500 ft, bi-directional radio with ARQ per pixel acknowledgment, upgradeable 7 msec sub-frame delay at broadcast quality. No doubt, ABonAir’s AB405 system sets a new benchmark in the Broadcast wireless industry!

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