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Haivision Launches RACK400 4K UHD and Multi-HD Encoder for Live Remote Production

Today we’re excited to unveil the next evolution of our RACK Series encoders for remote and at-home video production over unmanaged IP networks. Available in a compact half 1U form factor, the RACK400 supports 4K UHD and multi-camera workflows for up to four high-resolution, fully frame-synced feeds.

Both the latest generation of H.265/HEVC and the proven H.264/AVC compression standards are supported to accommodate new and existing infrastructures. The RACK400 delivers outstanding-quality video and high performance, with up to 4Kp60 combined with eight audio channels for high-end productions.

The RACK400 is a game changer for the broadcast industry, accelerating live remote production and offering the potential for greater productivity and huge savings in operational and capital expenses. For on-the-go production, broadcasters need equipment that is easy to deploy. The RACK400 is small, light, robust and offers exceptional video quality.

Samuel Fleischhacker, senior product manager at Haivision


RACK400, Live Remote Production

RACK400 4K UHD and Multi-HD Encoder for Live Remote Production


The RACK400 addresses all of the challenges that broadcasters face in expanding their remote production for live events, including sports, entertainment, music concerts, political events, and interactive TV shows. Through the RACK400’s extensive feature set, broadcasters can produce content with greater efficiency from a central facility. Advanced features include frame-accurate synchronization and video transmission between multiple cameras to ensure perfect and seamless camera switching in the studio, as well as high-definition video return (up to 1080p50/60) from the studio to the venue for confidence monitoring or teleprompting. In addition, the RACK400 supports a full-duplex intercom to optimize communication between field crews and studio operators, along with innovative data bridging for remote camera control, tally light management, or any other IP device control during a live event.

The RACK400 provides robust, error-free transmission over any network (i.e., cellular, satellite, IP leased line, or the public internet), ensuring low end-to-end latency, down to 0.5 seconds, thanks to Haivision’s double Emmy® Award-winning Safe Streams Transport (SST) technology. This technology combines advanced network aggregation, adaptive packet retransmission (ARQ), and Forward Error Correction (FEC) techniques to reach high network throughput and maximize the quality of service.

RACK400 is perfectly designed for remote production:

  • 4K UHD video transmission
  • Multi-camera workflows for up to 4 HD sources
  • Fully frame-synced feeds
  • 8 audio channels for high-end productions
  • Down to 0.5-sec latency
  • HD video return
  • Camera (or any other IP device) remote control
  • Tally light

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