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Save 65% on Data Costs – New Haivision PRO3 HEVC Bonded Cellular & IP Encoder & Transmitter – Demo Units Available

Last updated Jul 11, 2023 | Published on Oct 2, 2019 | Bonded Cellular

New demo units just arrived… would you like to see one?

Want to save up to 65% on your cellular data costs for your newsgathering, live multi-camera productions, or sports? You can take a look at the new way to stream broadcast-quality video with low bitrates, low latency, and decreased cellular data usage. We’ve been waiting for demo units and now we’ve got them. Would you like a demo?

Yes, I’m interested in a demo
  • Camera-mount or backpack video uplink system

    Technical Emmy Award-winning Haivision SST Safe Steam Transport

  • Ideal for live news, sports, events, and live reality TV
  • Flawless HEVC-advanced encoding (best-in-class H.265/HEVC encoder)
  • Robust transmission over Bonded cellular and the Public Internet
  • Broadcast quality with reduced the bit-rates
  • 30% savings in data costs compared to other HEVC
  • 65% savings in data costs compared to H.264
  • Stream live HD interviews and event even in unpredictable and unmanaged network conditions
  • Synchronous back-haul multiple cameras with perfect genlock and lip sync for At-Home or REMI productions.
  • Save time in the field by recording a premium-quality video file and forwarding it progressively to the remote receiver while recording

You can read more about the Haivision PRO380 here if you’d like more detail.

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