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Best Cellular Video Uplink – VidOvation Blog

Published on Apr 8, 2015 | Video over Cellular

We’ve just released the Haivision DMNG PRO110 Cellular Video Uplink into the U.S. market.

This device bonds up to 10 cellular connections for the highest reliability and HD quality video. Broadcast Live from virtually anywhere with cellular or satellite coverage. Send live video to any master control or destination with internet access around the world.

4G-LTE-Bonded-Cellularcellular video uplink

This enables a shift in live video acquisition away from expensive satellite transmission, delivering a cost-effective cellular alternative that offers resilient broadcast-quality video uplink while enhancing freedom of mobility in the field for all live broadcast media outlets. Do you see your preferred method below?

  • Live and Files Forward over Wireless Networks
  • Live and Files Forward over Cellular Networks & Satellite
  • Live and Files Forward over Satellite
  • Live and Files Forward over LAN/WAN
  • Live to any CDN

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