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Bonded Cellular Lip Sync with Multiple Cameras

Last updated Feb 5, 2018 | Published on Sep 1, 2016 | News

Bonded Cellular Lip Sync transmitting Multiple Cameras with AVIWEST Bonded Cellular

ZAPPING Les rencontres d’Antoine de Maximy à Namur JDCV, le direct vidéo Dailymotion has perfect bonded cellular lip sync.

Video of one program broadcasted live on France 5 (french public TV) from different cities in France and Belgium.

The guy is very famous in french-speaking countries and used to travel worldwide to meet

Bonded Cellular Lip Sync


people and shoot everything by himself: therefore he is wearing 2 cameras. He made a new program doing the same but live on TV last year with the public being able to interact.

In this new program he is wearing 2 cameras with 2 DMNG PRO transmitters in a single backpack + a cameraman having a 3rd camera and DMNG PRO.  Perfect bonded cellular lip  sync.

Their main concern apart from quality was to have synchronized audio/video without lip sync issues over those 3 live feeds. We made extensive tests with them and everything is working perfectly.

Bonded Cellular Lip Sync

Bonded Cellular Lip Sync

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