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Bonded Cellular Webinar Replay – Learn why TWO encoders are better than ONE

Published on Aug 24, 2016 | News

How to Save $60,000 per Year on Mobile News Gathering and Remote Sports with Bonded Cellular

Learn about the latest technological advancements in Bonded Cellular for live contribution for Newsgathering, Sports, and Events. Prevent costly mistakes. 

  • Learn why TWO encoders are Better than ONE.
  • Find out the importance of Fragmented MPEG4 video recording and how it affects your time to air.
  • Learn how an ASI Output on your transmitter gives you a secondary transmission path.
  • Find out why 8 modems are better than 6 and the importance of high gain antennas.
  • How can Bonded Cellular Save Money?
  • What Are the Common Uses for Bonded Cellular?
  • Will Bonded Cellular Replace Mobile Trucks?
bonded cellular newsgathering

Jim Jachetta, MS EE – Webinar Host

Jim is CTO, EVP, and chief problem solver at VidOvation, a group of passionate problem solvers ending your frustrations with dropouts, latency, picture quality, interference and bandwidth constraints when moving video, audio and data over cellular, wireless, fiber optic, or IP networks.

bonded cellular news gathering

Florian Kolmer – Special Guest

Our guest expert is Sales & Business Development chez Haivision.  He has years of experience as a networking engineer in telecom and broadcast media.

Find out why bonded cellular is used by WPSD (NBC) news gathering, TV2 Oslo at the Academy Awards, Hong Kong Rugby, and many more.

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