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Bonded Cellular – Wireless Video & Ethernet – Enterprise IPTV with DirecTV you missed at NAB 2016

Published on Jul 27, 2016 | News

VidOvation’s Jim Jachetta at NAB 2016 Show Broadcast Beat

We discuss Bonded Cellular for Live Broadcast, Newsgathering & Sports; Wireless Ethernet to Extend IP Networks; Enterprise IPTV with Integration with DirecTV and Dish Network Satellite Live TV. Stream Live TV to the Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, Smart TV, Set-top Box and more.

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Jaimie alexander here with broadcast be here at the vid ovation booth at the NAB Show 2016 and we’re talking with Jim here how are you damned good how are you I’m good fantastic just walking around I think I’ve got a fifteen thousand steps on my back today I mean well that’s all we get well that makes up for all the eating that we do here in Vegas and eating is my advice here I’ve been doing the same so I thought we were talking some of the stuff that you guys out here I wanted to start by talking about bonded cellular yes that’s a great question here at our booth this year at NAB we are introducing some new capabilities in bonded cellular were partnered with a French company called a V West where their us’ master distributor and we have their new bonded cellular system we’re supporting 20 megabits per second transmission rates were also have an IFB one of the few vendors where the IFB actually works that’s been a pain point of customers we also the device has a primary adaptive bitrate encoder but then a second then colder for high-resolution recording a video so these are features that customers have found important and kind of differentiate us in in the space of bonded cellular we also have an ASI output which none of the other players have which helps with a transmission over satellite or Eng microwave also have a lot of our products supplement each other administration we see ourselves as problem solvers you know we’re not trying to take a product and since find find a problem we want to hear about our customers problems their pains their struggles and our wireless Ethernet system it helps when you have a telecom network the most difficult part of any network is usually the first mile and last mile you know your customer may not be right near the knocker the operation center so it’s that last mile that can be problematic and something like a wireless Ethernet system like we provide can help with that helped extend the network on the fringes that’s great so I know everything going IP and IP being the big talk for everything tell us how you are serving your customers in that world well we offer an IPTV solution and everyone’s definition of IPTV is slightly different when ventilation speaks of IPTV we primarily are speaking about enterprise IPTV and by that we mean moving live video moving a customer’s media assets on their corporate network we are not so much talking about Netflix or things like that while we do have encoders and decoders that could be used for a Netflix type application that’s more over the top but our new feature right now is the integration of DirecTV content in our IPTV system there can be problems with digital rights management you know the studios and DirecTV they’re always concerned that the content is protected so you wouldn’t want to use and IPTV system that’s not compatible with the DirecTV encryption or DRM and our system is so we have a full integration with Direct TV show any client out there that once live direct tv on their network they should come and see that ovation comment feed ovation where can we find you online so people can actually check that out yes we’re a little vacation dot com sometimes people throw and even our company name its video did ovation dot com beautiful thank you so much for your time thank you very much thank you for having me anytime


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