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Bringing Live Reality TV to Your Living Room


Published on Dec 14, 2019 | Reality TV

Today, we’re kind of spoiled by technology. Everything is easy and most of us take the way technology makes life easier for granted. Technology is far-reaching, often affecting aspects of our lives we don’t even realize. For example, everything you stream to watch at home has been produced using technology. But have you ever stopped to wonder how the world’s funniest groin injury, the best cover of John Legend’s “All of Me” or the latest episode of “Live PD” has reached your living room? Here we take a look at how the world is bringing live reality TV to viewers.

Electronic News Gathering

This has been the longest running live TV series ever produced, namely your news show of choice. Whether you favor the local news channel or watch CNN, your news feeds are often delivered to you live with at the moment television that brings you the latest events from around the world. The technology behind your live news broadcasts is reaching you thanks to cellular video uplink solutions from Haivision. This technology allows broadcasters to go live whenever the latest happenings demand it.

There’s been a shift in live video acquisition that has moved technology away from expensive satellite transmission and instead depends on a cost-effective cellular alternative. Broadcast-quality video uplinks have provided new freedom to newscasters allowing them to broadcast live whether it is a single reporter or camera operator and reporter. A video camera and Haivision backpack can be used as the story unfolds allowing reporters to tell their story, speak to eyewitnesses and even record live for events from hurricanes to police interactions or shootings. Live-video streaming is easier and more affordable.

Your live weather, traffic, sports and local news all come to you using Haivision’s live broadcasting equipment.

Live from the Red Carpet

All the red-carpet events you wait for every year such as the Oscars, Emmys and Golden Globes are shot using Haivision in the moment, for real-time interviews and arrivals of your favorite stars. It goes beyond just these annual events, but also includes events from premiers to talk shows and live reality shows to celebrity coverage. Live content is acquired using wireless video for live video streaming you view in your home.

The Technology

Based on a mix of hardware and software technologies, Haivision creates the most advanced, compact, and portable video hybrid contribution systems. This complete range of cutting-edge technology allows producers to quickly produce video transmissions direct to your home using bonded cellular.

The Role of Bonded Cellular

Improved flexibility of in the field cellular bonding allows broadcasters to expand their scope beyond satellite-based systems. This is because those using satellite-based systems needed to keep the ENG camera close to the vehicle to capture the signal. This limited mobility and indoor coverage without a costly infrastructure set up. Because of this, broadcasters had difficulty covering breaking news.

Costly video production required a helicopter, an airplane, and a satellite base station to capture live shots of events like the Tour de France. Today, the Haivision DMNG system provides the exhilarating live shots that capture the excitement of such events at a fraction of the cost.

Cellular-based systems today provide flexibility to broadcast live events in areas that are well covered by 3G or 4G networks. As well, it becomes more accessible using a portable bonded cellular transmitter, and antenna array, which greatly improves signal resilience. As a result, what you see at home is flawless. This robust solution allows broadcasters to use innovative shots such as those captured via motorcycle on the road with the Tour de France, so it’s like you’re right there.

Anywhere, Any Time

Broadcasters and video professionals can now be more efficient using cellular-based systems so even remote locations can be reached. High video quality can be delivered from anywhere at any time, making the live reality happenings you view at home more accessible than ever.

Using this new technology, broadcasters can get improved bandwidth thanks to technology such as fiber optics as they can bond with any available networks, such as WiFi, 3G/4G, and satellite. From there they can adapt the video compression according to those available networks sending you the video in real-time.

Live Breaking News

Video Compression

Advanced video compression techniques in hand with pre- and post-processing tools reduce the required bandwidth to produce a given video quality level. This improves your viewing experience. Video contribution using a more effective transmission method improves the reliability of transmission providing viewers with the highest quality images available.

Now, the next time you sit watching the latest live-video streaming show in your living room you’ll know how it is reaching you.

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