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Broadcast Wireless Video Buying Guide

Last updated Oct 20, 2019 | Published on Nov 6, 2018 | News, Wireless Video

Wires, more often than not, they just get in the way, especially when working in a busy or professional video production project. Snaking tons of cables around a shooting site usually make it very difficult for camera operators to navigate from one point to another. Wires can make the shooting location incredibly messy, making capturing quality shots extremely difficult and sometimes impossible.

Why Would You Need a Wireless Video Transmission System?

For small and simple video setups, you can comfortably record your footage in-camera. You will neither need any wires nor a wireless video transmission system. But as shooting scenario becomes more complex, suddenly, you will require hundreds of feet of cable. If there are clients, directors, or producers who need real-time footage, you will need more wires to run the monitors. If the shooting location is a bit far from where the monitors can be securely set, you will need a whole lot of cables. All these cables will make setting the scene time consuming and tedious, and the shooting work unbearable. However, wireless video transmission provides the ultimate solution to all these problems.

In many situations, cables aren’t a realistically viable option. To make work easier and get the quality of recording you need, wireless video transmission provides a definitive solution.

Standard Definition Video Transmission

More people opt to record in high definition; however, some still prefer to use the standard definition for budget and convenience. If you do not need to record in HD, there are plenty of Standard Definition wireless system you can buy from our stores.

There is also a good selection of multi-directional microwaves wireless transmitter and receiver systems to record videos in areas with fewer obstacles. For locations with multiple obstacles such as walls, crowds, ceilings, etc., you will need a more powerful video transmission system that uses microwaves that can transmit video wirelessly through such obstacles without the need to DE synchronization of the video image. Such systems will transmit PaL, SECAM, and NTSC signals. We have a wide selection of wireless video transmitters that perfectly fit these specifications in our store.

These systems are ideal for any camera setup, both stationary and the ones that can move since they provide a stable signal even when the receiver and the transmitter are both in constant motion. Additionally, the systems work in multiple frequencies, which is very useful when using multiple wireless cameras in the same location within the range. Also, these systems can also be used with any monitor.

If you want to monitor High Definition footage on a Standard Definition monitor, you will only need to use a down converter to make the transmitting system compatible with an HD camera.

High Definition Video Transmission

More and more people are choosing to record in the high definition every day. And this is for a good reason. HD images are much sharper and with higher resolution compared to the SD ones. However, all this improved quality begs for a whole lot more data that need to be transmitted wirelessly. This requires a different set of more advanced wireless video transmitter and receivers. Luckily, we have a wide selection of the perfect HD wireless video transmission systems in our store. Call us, email us, or visit the contact page on our website and ask for an expert help today!

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