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Business & Enterprise – Why You Need To Know About Video Networking – VidOvation Blog

Last updated Jul 11, 2023 | Published on Aug 1, 2014 | Users Guides - Education, Enterprise & In-house IPTV, IPTV

Business & Enterprise – Why You Need To Know About Video Networking

As a video communications expert, we enjoy educating on our favorite subjects. Video Networking is one of those, and it is currently one of the hottest topics in the business & enterprise industry.

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On Thursday, August 7th 2014, we are having a webinar on using video networking & IPTV video distribution in the business & enterprise setting.

The applications of Video Networking with respect to Business & Enterprise are plentiful. Once an IPTV Video Distribution system is set up on your existing IP network, you can realize a multitude of benefits on both users and back-end users.

In the front you will have enhanced means of corporate communication that stems across all your platforms. We’re talking about TV/displays, desktops, smartphones, and tablet clients. The gained ability to broadcast IPTV Live TV and Video Distribution on the Networkacross your network to your colleagues, staff, or even remotely to clients enables another realm of video communication you’ve likely never had much success with before. Another great benefit to be gained is an archive of channels and stored video accessible to whomever in the entire business on any device. Employees can keep up-to-date or refresh on important material or even communicate to each other through these means. Perhaps most important to some, we’re talking HD quality and a friendly user interface.

End-users won’t be the only ones excited about implementing an IPTV video networking and distribution system, this is for the IT operators and administrators as well! The lower costs associated with the elimination of RF coax and solid implementation are large. As far as maintenance goes, this system is easy to deploy and maintain, is very flexible, and easily expanded.

Join “Video Networking for Business” Webinar Here!


If you are very interested feel free to look at the list of features in the webinar signup page or call and ask us more about Video Networking and IPTV Video Distribution for Business & Enterprise.

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