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Choosing the Right Wireless Video Solution

Published on Dec 13, 2014 | Wireless Video

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Each of the wireless video solutions discussed in this white paper have benefits and drawbacks, and no single product will work in every situation. As a result, many broadcasters routinely use two or more different technologies, and frequently combine technologies for specialized applications. Answers to the following questions will help determine which wireless technology is the best fit for each potential user’s application.

1) What is the typical amount of time available to deploy the system before use? Are deployments normally made on a schedule that is known well in advance (such as for a sporting event) or is the system to be used for breaking news? The answer to this question helps determine whether or not a licensed technology can be used, and how much time can be spent to erect antennas, run cables, etc.

2) For each deployment, will the cameras be used within a relatively small area, or will a large degree of mobility be required? The answer to this question has a big impact on the types of antennas that can be used and how the coverage area is planned.

3) How often will the system be used, and for how much time will the link be active during each use? The answer to this question will help determine if a system with a monthly recurring cost or a usage cap is appropriate.


Download Complete Wireless Video User’s Guide

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