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Cine Gear This Year – Bringing in Wireless – VidOvation Blog

Cine Gear Expo 2014 turned out to be a great success for us. By that I mean we were located directly next to the In N Out truck. Well, there was more to it than that I suppose. A quick walk of the floor would prove ourselves as a unique niche topic for this show between the camera drones and matte black Porsche camera-mounted vehicles. However, we found our hot button with cinematographers, producers & directors at the event with our wireless technologies.

A heavy handful of folks at Cine Gear approached us with intentions of using our specialized set of Wireless Video Links for the “never been done before”. Often time’s scenes are filmed one way or another due to equipment limitations. This production & entertainment media industry is realizing ways in which appropriating our 5Ghz and 60Ghz wireless HD SDI technologies can expand their boundaries and create new opportunities. In addition to meeting these individuals, we took the time to hangout with many of our long time partners and some of our new-found VidOvation friends. If you missed the chance to speak with us at Cine Gear this year, you can call us and chat about some of the great things we’re bringing to this industry!

cinegear-jimjachetta-wireless-6oghz cine-gear-2014-jim-jachetta

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