Cofdm Video Transmitter
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Cofdm Video Transmitter – VidOvation Blog

Last updated Feb 5, 2018 | Published on Sep 1, 2014 | News

Cofdm Video Transmitter

When you are in the market to purchase a video transmitter to complete a specific activity, you understandably need to find the right equipment for the job. Everything from the range of the video transmitter to the quality of the products and images should be considered when you are making a buying decision. While you do have numerous options available to consider if you are in the market to purchase a video transmitter, the COFDM video transmitter from Vidovation may be ideal for your needs.

Rapid Speed and Great Image Quality

The VidOlink COFDM video transmitter is designed to enhance the user’s experience in a number of ways over other models available for you to purchase. For example, it has a two-antenna feature with wireless functionality. This innovative product transmits video images digitally with H.264 compression in QPSK, and this ensures superior quality of the images even when distance is a factor. The images can be transmitted up to 40 miles, and there are up to 150 feet of cords that can be placed between the antenna and receiver for improved functionality. Even when you have walls or other obstacles blocking the way, you can expect great functionality and superior image quality. Plus, it boasts fast modulation with point to point latency with astounding speed of less than two frames.

cofdm video transmitter

Functional Features and Benefits

The COFDM video transmitter available to you through VidOvation also has other features and benefits. For example, it has a compact size that makes it ideal for use when space is a concern. IT also can be mounted to a rack or used with a camera. In addition, this video transmitter also features an OLED display with brilliant clarity that provides you with an easy way to monitor information about the video transmission. The SD output also improves quality and performance with considerable difference.

There are many situations and work environments when you will need to have access to a wireless video transmitter, and you may be concerned about quality, speed and range as primary considerations. In order to maximize the functional use of the equipment you purchase, you will need to find the right equipment for the job. With the incredible range, durability and overall image quality of the COFDM video transmitter from Vidovation, this may be the right transmitter for your use. You can order this wireless, high definition video transmitter online through VidOvation today.

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