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Cyanview Camera Control Recap & New Releases for 2023

Last updated Feb 19, 2024 | Published on Jan 14, 2024 | Cameras, Camera Control


The end of the year is always a good time to reflect on the accomplishments made over the past twelve months and also to focus on the exciting challenges ahead. The overwhelming trust showered upon us by our clients and operators is what will resonate with us as we reflect on the year that has passed. In our pursuit to match your expectations, our focus has been directed towards enhancing our product rather than expanding its scope – and yet we believe that we still added more features than in previous years.

Here are the four main applications that have marked this year with you:

Cinematic Multicam Productions

Entire shading desks are now being designed to cover various events, from concerts and Fashion Shows to artistic or corporate meetings. The RCP seamlessly integrates with any camera you have or may need to rent for each event, be it Cine Style, ENG, or PTZ.

Cinematic Looks with Gimbal or Steadicam

Cinematic looks continue to influence the sports scene, and our RIO remains an unparalleled solution for interfacing with large sensor cameras from Sony, Canon, Panasonic, or RED in wireless applications.

Advancements in Remote Production and Wireless Cameras

Adding the iris joystick and a comprehensive user interface overhaul is a major step forward for these applications. With network integrations and advanced management features, each RCP can now be considered a master unit capable of controlling diverse cameras from any location, bridging the gaps for video shaders in distributed environments.

Specialty Cameras Integration

Specialty cameras, including Dream Chip ATOMS and Panasonic PTZ, now benefit from our new interface as we cover nearly all available functions. Noteworthy focus has been dedicated to further supporting color correctors like the Imagine SNP, EVS Neuron, and single-channel units like the AJA ColorBox, as they will be used at major events in the coming year.

New Stable Release

After more than a year of consistent updates to the development version, we are pleased to announce its transition into the new and highly recommended official release. Substantial efforts have been invested in refining the layout, making it more intuitive and efficient. Numerous cameras have been added, with extended features for many popular ones now available from the RCP.

Highlighting some key changes:

  • Sony Cine lines Alta/FX/FR/Alpha now utilize various combinations of legacy, Ethernet, USB, and LANC connections to cover the capabilities available from within each camera.
  • Extensive support for Sony ENG/System cameras, such as the PXW-Z750 or HDC-4300, has been integrated.
  • Canon’s new PTZ and camcorders, supporting the XC protocol, are now very well covered.
  • Panasonic Studio cameras are now supported in every detail.
  • Ongoing updates for Panasonic PTZ cameras ensure alignment with the latest features introduced in their recent models. A unique and efficient feature is the advanced scene file management that applies to all cameras simultaneously, with folders and custom naming. This proves particularly valuable in studio applications, where instantaneous changes to the entire set of cameras for altering sets or scenes are crucial.
  • Dream Chip ATOM cameras have additional settings, including Flare or selectable multi-matrix resolution.
  • AJA ColorBox introduces support for a few new modes.
  • Imagine SNP now delves into more details regarding the SDR and HDR sections.We trust that you’ll appreciate the progress made thus far. Anticipate another year of consistent updates for this newly stabilized version.

Download 24.1.1

What’s coming next?

Rest assured that our journey continues.
Remote production and alternate multicam cinematic workflows remain focal points for the future. But we’ll support our clients for the upcoming big events and next year won’t be short of them.
As we anticipate a year rich in big events, we will also commit to supporting our clients every step of the way. We eagerly look forward to what the year 2024 will unveil.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday and look forward to working with you in the new year. As always, our team remains available to discuss your technical production needs.


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