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Eliminate Camera Operators with VidOvation’s AI Camera Systems

Published on Aug 4, 2023 | Video Streaming - Webcasting, AI Camera Systems

For solo YouTubers and business owners hoping for quick and easy video projects, AI cameras are a sought-after option. AI video requires no manual operation. This eliminates the need for a camera operator, letting you focus on nothing but content.

At VidOvation, we put a strong focus on providing high-quality technologies to our customers. This includes AI video technology. Throughout this blog, we’ll delve deeper into what exactly an AI camera is, how it works, and available options from VidOvation.

What is an AI Camera and How Does it Work?

As the name suggests, AI video is controlled by artificial intelligence. This includes more than the act of pressing record and stop. AI cameras include a variety of special features, all being controlled by the AI software inside the technology.

An AI camera is very much like any other camera, except it uses AI to adjust, focus, and even edit the image on the screen. It uses machine learning algorithms to enhance general camera capabilities through the use of:

  • Sensors
  • Software
  • Settings

Rather than having humans push buttons and change settings on your camera, an AI camera is controlled by itself. The AI makes adjustments as you film to enhance:

  • Image clarity
  • Focus
  • Exposure
  • Lighting
  • Color

All the things you would expect a camera operator to do during filming or a producer to edit post-recording can be done with Ai video capabilities.

VidOvation AI Camera Options

At VidOvation, we specialize in all things video. One of our passions is exploring new technology to advance and enhance our customer’s video creation and streaming capabilities. Currently, we offer the:

  • IQ Sports Producer: For live professional sports, there’s nothing quite like the IQ Sports Producer. This is a leader in AI video, automating televised events with no director or camera crew.
  • TrolleyLive Pro: This is an all-in-one camera with a streaming encoder and return video monitor system. You can use it remotely or on the scene at sporting events or other places you wish to capture and share videos.
  • IQ vPilot AI-Driven Automated Studio: This is a studio system designed to function with AI. No need for a camera crew or directors. It’s a low-cost AI camera solution with a lot of power for newcomers.

VidOvation is constantly evolving with the industry to provide new and innovative products to capture and share video. Talk to one of our team members to learn more about any of these products or ask about other AI video systems you’ve heard of.

Benefits of AI Camera Technology

There are pros and cons to all types of artificial intelligence. Here, we’ll shine a light on some of the major benefits to expect from AI video.

Consistent Quality

Many production companies use a variety of camera crew members to film scenes and put them together for a video. AI video requires no outside help to film these scenes. This means every scene is shot in the same style, with the same tools and editing to make it shine.

Consistency in quality is important in video content. Customers look for it, and investors and shareholders will look for it in the videos you put out.

Fewer Safety Concerns

Anytime you invite somebody to work with you, there’s room for concern about safety. If something happens while you’re filming, are you liable?

Working by yourself with a camera means you’re the only person at risk any time you film anything. For content creators who enjoy capturing exciting, high-energy content, this reduces safety risks.


You may have to pay for or rent the AI camera to begin with, but once you have it, you’ll save substantially. Camera crew members all have one thing in common—they want to be compensated.

Using AI video technology limits the need for hiring and paying third-party participants for your video creation. Whether you’re creating content for work or personal use, you can focus on the quality of content rather than a budget.

More Flexibility

One of the hardest things about working with others is scheduling. Working around other people’s schedules to create the content you need is restrictive. With an AI camera, you don’t need to wait for anybody else. You can shoot on your time and create the content you like.

TrolleyLive All-In-One Broadcast PTZ Camera

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Artificial intelligence is a key component in many things we do in business and daily life. Now you can count on AI-driven camera systems to remove human error and produce high-quality, consistent video.

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