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Empowering Industries with CBRS: Private LTE and 5G Solutions for Manufacturing and Energy

Published on Oct 5, 2023 | Private LTE 5G CBRS

For as long as the internet has been shared wirelessly, Wi-Fi has been the leading method of connectivity. Wi-Fi is useful across a wide range of industries and technology. However, Wi-Fi comes with a plethora of issues and obstacles to overcome.

One way the modern world has been overcoming these Wi-Fi shortcomings is through Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS). In this blog, we’ll look more closely into what CBRS is, how it’s used, and how it’s fueling solutions in the manufacturing and energy industries.

What is CBRS?

Citizens Broadband Radio Service, or Band 48, is a commercial enterprise broadband spectrum new to civilian use. In the past, CBRS was used by the U.S. Navy and ground satellite projects. When the FCC changed regulations regarding network usage, CBRS became available commercially.

Manufacturing and energy companies are taking advantage of the new regulations to offer private LTE networks for enhanced speed and connectivity.

Advantages of CBRS

CBRS has a wide assortment of advantages in entering the manufacturing and energy industries. Some of the main benefits include the following.


CBRS capabilities allow for a reduction in infrastructure responsibilities for private networks. Private LTE networks can run on shared spectrums through CBRS, reducing costs and prioritizing affordability.


CBRS has more than four times the speed of Wi-Fi. For large manufacturing businesses, connecting employees and technology, CBRS provides a fast connection to the data you need when you need it. Less lag, faster loading times, and equal access to fast service throughout the building or worksite.


CBRS also has a higher capacity than traditional Wi-Fi. On Wi-Fi, there’s always a risk that the bandwidth will become overwhelmed, slowing connectivity or halting it altogether. CBRS has fewer issues with capacity. It works at low latency, ensuring less interference in robotic and communicative connections.

Network Splicing

The level of customization in CBRS and private 4G and 5G networks is advanced. It allows for something called network splicing, which is precisely what it sounds like. Your private LTE network can be spliced into multiple workloads, cutting the frequency up to access several projects at once for different purposes.

For example, you could use one splice to connect departments together during on-site work, and another to power robotic machinery through automation while manufacturing.

Enhanced Security

While CBRS lets you provide signals to more people in larger spaces, it doesn’t grant the same access to the same information. There’s a tighter security protocol in place with private LTE and private 5G networks.

This is particularly important due to the United States Secure and Trusted Communication Act.

Fewer Barriers to Connectivity

Citizens Broadcast Radio Service lets you design private LTE networks that reach beyond barriers that would slow traditional Wi-Fi. In manufacturing and energy business models, there are a lot of blockers, reducing connectivity and signal strength. From metal and stone to sub-surface job sites, CBRS keeps you connected.

On the Manufacturing Floor

On a more manufacturing and energy-specific level, CBRS networks have several industry benefits. Smart manufacturing and automation streamline robotic operations. Low latency reduces errors through enhanced precision. All this increases production and ROI (return on investment).

Manufacturing businesses also benefit from the compliance feature of CBRS connectivity. A private 5G or LTE network keeps lines of communication open, both in terms of verbal communication and device sensors. Environmental conditions, employee safety, and other potential issues are managed with real-time reporting.

In Energy

In energy, oil, and gas industries, private LTE networks and CBRS, in general, are useful because of the lower frequency spectrum. This allows data to travel across a larger space. In the energy industry, CBRS is useful for predictive maintenance.

Locating potential faults in equipment before they occur can save hundreds of thousands of dollars and lives. This is a massive opportunity for growth in energy because plants usually have to shut down operations to manually check potential issues in person.

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