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End Your Frustration with Live Wireless Video Transmission

Published on Aug 13, 2019 | Podcast… 7 msec Delay, 2 Mile Range, Broadcast Wireless Video Camera Mount System with Intercom & Paint Camera Control – AB512

If you’re doing live video for news, sports, or other live programs, you know all too well that latency in your wireless video camera system is an important consideration. We talk about reducing latency — and solve some other common frustrations associated with the wireless transmission of live video.

You’ll learn how to eliminate disruptive pain points by:

· Cutting latency or delay to 7 ms

· Managing intercom, camera control, and multiple zones with a bidirectional radio

· Achieving up to 50 Mbps throughput

· Ensuring multizone fiber coverage

· Incorporating all elements of wireless delivery into a single cohesive solution

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