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Enhancing Connectivity with Peplink’s Cellular & Starlink Routers

Last updated May 6, 2024 | Published on May 4, 2024 | NAB 2024 Booth Tour, Podcast, Bonded Cellular, Webinars, Private LTE 5G CBRS



Reliable internet connectivity is essential for remote productions, tradeshows, venues and remote work. If your workflow requires a reliable and high-bandwidth internet connection, there is a solution. However, traditional internet solutions may fall short in venues or locations where cellular connectivity is challenging. In this blog post, we’ll explore how Peplink’s innovative routers, showcased at NAB 2024 in the VidOvation booth, revolutionize internet connectivity by seamlessly bonding multiple cellular modems.

Peplink’s Solution:

Peplink specializes in manufacturing routers with cellular connectivity capabilities that cater to a wide range of needs. These routers can bond anywhere from 1 to 32 cellular, WAN, LAN, and SFP connections, effectively combining smaller data pipelines into a robust connection. At NAB 2024, attendees witnessed firsthand how Peplink’s solution provided stable 100-megabit download and 20 to 30-megabit upload speeds, with only two cellular modems ensuring uninterrupted connectivity within the VidOvation booth.  Many Peplink routers are CBRS Private 4G/5G certified.  Peplink is also a Starlink Authorized Technology Provider. With Peplink, you can bond cellular, Starlink satellite, WAN, LAN, SFP, and WiFi connections.

Addressing Connectivity Challenges:

Remote Production Locations, Tradeshows, Venues, or any location often pose significant challenges for cellular connectivity due to the high concentration of attendees, fans, and electronic devices. Despite these obstacles, Peplink’s routers maintain consistent internet access, even in demanding environments. Jim Jachetta, representing VidOvation, attested to the reliability of Peplink’s solution, emphasizing its role in powering LAN and internet access for various appliances within their NAB booth.

Applications in Broadcasting and Production:

Beyond trade shows, Peplink’s routers find extensive applications in broadcasting and production. Broadcasters and production companies leverage these routers to stream and transport video content seamlessly in and out of venues. The ability to bond multiple cellular connections ensures robust and high-quality transmissions, which are essential for delivering content to global audiences without interruption.


Peplink’s routers offer a compelling solution for enhancing connectivity at remote productions, trade shows, public venues, and beyond. With the capability to bond multiple cellular, Starlink satellite, WAN, LAN, SFP, and WiFi connections, these routers provide exhibitors with reliable internet access, even in challenging environments. Whether it’s streaming video content, powering booth appliances, or just a reliable internet connection, Peplink’s innovative technology ensures uninterrupted connectivity, empowering your Internet workflows. For those seeking dependable wireless internet solutions, VidOvation stands ready to provide expert guidance on incorporating Peplink’s routers into their infrastructure.

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