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Enterprise DirecTV COM2000 Integrates with VidOvation IPTV

Last updated Feb 5, 2018 | Published on Jun 2, 2016 | News

Enterprise DirecTV COM2000 Satellite TV System

Enterprise IPTV
The Enterprise DirecTV COM2000 system has been designed specifically for hotels and enterprise IPTV installations where there is a need for a single wire solution for multiple rooms. The COM2000 system offers up to 48 tuners in a scalable system that takes up a small space in an equipment rack. It creates a head-end system where every TV can be tuned to its own channel without interfering with other TVs.   The Enterprise DirecTV COM2000 fully integrates with the VidOvation Enterprise IPTV System for the distribution of Live TV & Video-on-demand across your enterprise network to the Desktop, TVs, Smart TVs, Set-top Boxes, Mobile Devices, Tablets and more.

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The COM2000 offers up to 48 channels of HD or SD video and integrated EdgeQAM’s in only 3 units of rack space.  This compact design also results in dramatic power savings from typical stacked receiver solutions.

For High-Definition solutions which require copy protection, the COM46 and COM24 HD receiver blades add Pro:Idiom™ or Samsung LYNK™ encryption to the HD content which can be played back on any Pro:Idiom™ or Samsung LYNK™ enabled receiver device or Television. The VidOvation Enterprise IPTV system is 100% compatible with Pro:Idiom, Verimatrix and other Digital Rights Managment (DRM) and copy protection systems.

Available as a plug-in module for the COM360 and COM200 chassis, the QAM6 reduces Enterprise DirecTVoverall system costs and simplifies the installation and maintenance for the COM2000.  The QAM6, sold as a 6-channel QAM can be software upgraded to an 8, 10 or 12-channel QAM device, capable of delivering up to 24 (36*) streams of DIRECTV™ HD content or 96 streams of DIRECTV SD content.  The COM360 chassis has slots for 2 QAM6 devices for up to a total of 24 QAM channels in a single chassis.

The COM360 chassis is the foundation for the COM2000 system providing the housing, power supply, GbE backplane and cooling system required for the DIRECTV receiver blades and EdgeQAMs.

The COM360 includes an integrated 10/100/1000 Ethernet backplane with a 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports available on the front panel. It contains 2 Slots for QAM6 to be inserted for a total of up to 24 QAM channels and 6 receiver slots for a total of 48 DIRECTV content streams (HD or SD), utilizing the COM46 or COM46-FLX receiver blades.

The COM360 provides all the receiver blades and plug-in cards with a commercial grade power supply drawing less than 225W of power when fully loaded with receivers. This cuts the power usage by more than half when compared to a comparable stacked receiver head-end system and provides for tremendous savings in yearly Operational Expenses associated with video distribution systems.

The COM360 provides commercial grade cooling fans in order to meet the grueling demands of harsh commercial environments.

At the heart of the COM2000 system is the COM46 receiver blade.  The newest in a family of DIRECTV receivers specifically designed for the commercial market. It is capable of tuning eight (8) high-definition channels or standard-definition channels of DIRECTV content and outputting this content over IP with either In-the-Clear for SD broadcasts, or for HD Broadcasts, either Zenith Pro:Idiom™ or Samsung LYNK™* content protection. The IP output can either be aggregated and distributed using an existing IP network, or it can be sent to an external EdgeQAM device**. For a very simple, self-contained installation, the COM46 output can be directed to Technicolor’s QAM6 installed in the COM360 chassis.


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