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Enterprise IPTV: How It Works and How You Can Use It

Published on Jul 5, 2017 | News

When most people hear the term “IPTV,” they think of online television, ranging from live online TV to digital, streaming versions of everything from popular TV shows to movies, popular events and more.

While this is the consumer side of IPTV, there’s also a second side — enterprise IPTV. Designed for a range of businesses, enterprise IPTV allows users to stream and broadcast live video from corporate events and important meetings.

Enterprise IPTV can also be used to distribute and broadcast video content throughout an entire business, allowing employees to tune in from their desktops and laptop computers, direct TV corporate, TVs, tablets and even their smartphones.

For businesses large and small, enterprise IPTV can have numerous advantages. Below, we’ve explained how enterprise IPTV works, covered the key technology involved and explained how your business can use and benefit from IPTV.

How is IPTV different from regular digital video?

The key difference between IPTV and traditional digital video is that IPTV is streamed directly and continuously, whereas traditional digital video needs to be downloaded (either in part or in full) before it can be viewed.

In short, IPTV is a digital equivalent of traditional television — a continuous stream that viewers can tune into and out of at their convenience, all without having to download large video files to watch offline.

Some of the most common uses of IPTV include broadcasting live video online, such as events and concerts, and showing regular television content. video on demand services like Netflix or the BBC iPlayer is also a form of IPTV.

How enterprise IPTV works for businesses

IPTV offers significant advantages for businesses. The biggest of these is that IPTV technology can be used to distribute live and pre-recorded video around your organization without any need for expensive cable or satellite networks.

This means a business with multiple offices can hold a meeting or event in one of its locations, all while effortlessly broadcasting the meeting to its other branches, giving managers and other key staff the ability to view important announcements and other information.

IPTV can also be used to distribute video networking content to offices, branches, and retail stores. For an enterprise, this can mean giving staff instantly, on-demand access to important content such as training, safety and policy videos.

Beyond live video for individuals, IPTV can also be used to power static displays within your work environment and digital signage. If your facility has large screens and displays, you can use IPTV to control the content that’s visible to people nearby.

What are the key benefits of enterprise IPTV?

IPTV has numerous benefits for businesses, from its ability to reduce costs to its scalability for organizations of all sizes. The key benefits of enterprise IPTV include:

  • Affordability. Because enterprise IPTV uses your organization’s existing IP network, there’s no need for expensive satellite or cable communications equipment. All that’s required is a reliable network with a sufficiently fast connection speed.
  • Simplicity. Because IPTV uses existing infrastructure, it’s fast and easy to deploy for businesses of all sizes. It’s also extremely easy to maintain and manage.
  • Scalability. Need to expand your IPTV network to more devices? No problem. Because IPTV uses your existing IP network, there’s no need to worry about cabling or other hard infrastructure.
  • Mobility. Because IPTV broadcasts your content over the internet, you can send video to employees and customers in any location, who can tune in to watch your content via their mobile devices.

How can we help you use enterprise IPTV?

We specialize in helping businesses and organizations of all sizes use enterprise IPTV to lower costs, communicate with staff and customers and scale their video network. From hardware to software, we can help you with every aspect of your business’s IPTV network.

Would you like to learn more about IPTV? View our range of IPTV encoders and decoders or contact us now to speak to our expert team.

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