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Error correction techniques for IP networks (Part 1)

Published on Nov 18, 2014 | Enterprise & In-house IPTV

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IP network transmission errors are characterized by one or more consecutive IP packets lost during transmission. Some networks frequently drop single packets, while some networks are more prone to the infrequent loss of long bursts of consecutive IP packets [burst errors]. Poor performing networks may exhibit both error types.

Error correction methods

There are a few methods normally used to correct for lost IP packets.

  1. ARQ (Automatic Retransmission reQuest) involves the two-way communication between the transmitter and receiver to enable the re-transmission of lost IP packets.
  2. FEC (Forward Error Correction) is the transmission of enough additional redundant information with the primary data stream to reconstruct lost IP packets up to a certain extent.
  3. A third method is a hybrid of the above ARQ and FEC techniques.

All the methods mentioned require additional bandwidth and transmission time (latency) to compensate for the lost IP packets.

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