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Expert Tips When Buying Wireless Video System for Broadcasting

Published on Jan 16, 2019 | Wireless Video

The worth of a wireless video transmitter and wireless systems in general lies in its freedom from interference and dropouts, overall sound and video quality, dynamic range as well as operating range.

You need a wireless video system with easy-to-read displays and easy-to-use navigation tools. There are a number features that are common to most wireless video system that cut across all in-ear monitoring, and other wireless instrument. But take caution, some of the features may not be immediately obvious with some products. Here are some tips to keep in mind when buying a wireless video system for your broadcasting.

Diversity Circuitry

Diversity focuses on reception and avoidance of dropouts. Most wireless brands use this as their main selling feature. One way of telling if your system has diversity is whether it has two antennas at the point where there is an antenna. However, you need to understand that not all wireless systems with dual antennas have true diversity. Receivers that possess true diversity circuitry are known to have different radio receiver modules with each of them connected to the antenna.

Both signals are closely monitored and one that has higher signal is chosen. You will probably need to choose those with diversity circuitry when you intend to broadcast over areas that may have structures that may deflect or block the wireless transmissions.

Frequency Agility

When deciding on what wireless video system, you will need to analyze whether it has several frequency paths. In any given location, one frequency path will tend to work better than the other. This signal should also be free from the interference that may be mounted by competing frequencies. With this ability, you can easily use more than one wireless system without fear of interruption. If you have more than one presenter, you will definitely need to consider frequency agility when buying your wireless video system. This term refers to systems that have several frequency paths you can select from. In any given location one frequency may work better than another, and be free of interference from competing signals from other wireless devices. It is a feature that allows easier use of multiple wireless systems at the same time.

Automatic Frequency Selection

This feature allows a frequency agile system to automatically select frequency. Since with frequency agility comes a need to constantly keep resetting your system, then a wireless video transmitter and receiver capable of having automatic frequency selection will be an invaluable option. However, most high-end wireless systems come with the ability to select a frequency for all your wireless video systems.

When deciding on what wireless video system to purchase, you need to carefully analyze every feature that is presented to you. You should also investigate to find out you are not being duped to buy a system that does not have the features they claim to be having.

With all these in mind, you need to go for features that will enable you to communicate to your audience without any interference. At VidOvation, we are committed to ensuring you get quality wireless video system. Our team of experts will guide you through every step of the way giving you the pros and cons of each wireless system you may need. Contact us today for great deals.

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