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(Video) Featured @NABShow 2018 – 7msec Wireless – 4K & HD via Public Internet – Best in Show HEVC Bonded Cellular

Published on Apr 16, 2018 | News, NAB Show

In Booth Interview at NAB 2018 Showing Featured Products

If you missed VidOvation or Haivision at NAB 2018, you are in luck. Below is a video highlighting some of the key products introduced at NAB 2018.

Haivision PRO380-RA Enhanced HEVC 3G/4G Bonded Cellular Video Transmission System 8 Internal Modems

HEVC Cellular Bonding

Best in Show PRO380 HEVC Bonded Cellular Uplink

Enhanced HEVC Encoder over Bonded Cellular and the Public Internet.

  • 65% Data Cost Savings vs. H.264
  • 30% Data Cost Savings vs. other HEVC

The PRO380-RA supports the best state-of-the-art H.265/HEVC hardware encoder by offering premium video quality with less data usage, and low end-to-end Best of Show NAB 2018latency (down to 0.5 sec).  The PRO380 is our flagship mobile video encoder & transmitter solution designed for live video producers and news gathering professionals looking for contribution performance from any location around the world. With its large set of professional audio and video interfaces, the PRO380-RA supports the best state-of-the-art H.265/HEVC hardware encoder by offering premium video quality with less data usage, and low end-to-end latency (down to 0.5 sec). The widely adopted H.264/AVC video format is supported as well for compliance with deployed infrastructures.


New One-of-a-Kind Ultra-Low-Latency ABonAir Wireless Links

ABonAIR 7msec Delay, Wireless Link, Broadcast Quality, Intercom & PaintWireless video link provider ABonAir is renowned for providing extremely low latency in a long-range, high-performance, broadcast-grade wireless system, and VidOvation now represents ABonAir’s products in the United States. ABonAir’s one-of-a-kind solution will benefit VidOvation’s customers in the sports, live events, and newsgathering spaces, where the lowest possible delay is mandatory while preserving high video quality.

At the 2018 NAB Show, VidOvation will for the first time demonstrate ABonAir’s flagship wireless video link — AB512™. Built on a bidirectional radio channel between transmitter and receiver, ABonAir’s wireless video links acknowledge the correct acceptance of each group of pixels, thus providing exceptionally robust and reliable transmission.

Most notably, the AB512 system reduces latency to only a 7-millisecond delay (also known as subframe delay) for live event coverage, multicamera productions, and any other application in which latency of two to six frames or 30-90 milliseconds is unacceptable. Low delay enables crews to produce multicamera and live shows without worrying about the lag caused by lip sync or the simultaneous operation of multiple cameras. The system features an RF spectrum analyzer, which automatically selects and hops to the best RF channel without dropping a single bit, while the manual channel selection option is ideal for frequency coordination at large events.

Haivision 4K and Multi-HD HEVC Video Encoding and IP Distribution Stream 12G/3G SDI over the Public Internet

Stream 12G/3G SDI over the Public Internet

At the 2018 NAB Show, VidOvation will demonstrate Haivision’s HE4000 4K Ultra HD (UHD) HEVC live encoder, which relies on the public internet to contribute and distribute video, thereby helping to eliminate high satellite costs. The HE4000 is ideal for real-time delivery of live UHD or HD content over unmanaged IP networks. The compact, half-RU encoder combines 10-bit and 4:2:2 HEVC encoding with the latest generation of Haivision SafeStreams® technology to deliver live video content over IP at low latencies and bit rates. At the show, visitors will see the HE4000 in action with the latest version of Haivision’s StreamHub transceiver and decoder platform, which offers integrated 4K UHD HEVC recording and decoding functions.

Users can achieve state-of-the-art 4K and multi-HD HEVC video encoding and IP distribution by combining the HE4000 with Haivision’s QUAD Modem active antenna, which has four internal cellular modems featuring a high-efficiency, wideband antenna array. Two QUAD Modem active external wideband cellular antennas can be plugged into the HE4000’s USB ports for transmission over bonded cellular networks. The QUAD Modem offers added cellular connectivity to the entire Haivision product line. Integrated Wi-Fi enables bonded cellular hotspots and VPN connectivity anywhere, providing users with highly needed internet connectivity when working in remote locations.

Haivision StreamHub Transceiver Platform with Patented SafeStreams® Technology v3

Patented SafeStreamsTransport Technology

Haivision has significantly enhanced its receiver, decoder, and distribution platform.  Take advantage of an HEVC-compliant transceiver (physical or cloud-based) implementing the all-new patented IP bonding stack of the SafeStreams transport technology v3.

The StreamHub version 3.0.16 features Haivision’s patented SafeStreams transport technology version 3. SafeStreams version 3 fully integrates with StreamHub, Pro, APP, MOJOPRO and more. New features include HEVC decoding, recording, and streaming. The interconnectivity of multiple StreamHub transceivers is now possible with ultra-low latency as low as 300 msec.

Additional new features include improved security, support for HTTPS, lock/unlock accounts and advanced settings. The Haivision StreamHub can act as a third-party IRD or decoder with compatibilities for HLS, RTMP, RTSP and TS streams.

 Innovative Mobile Journalism (MOJO) Solutions From Haivision

MOJOPRO Mobile Journalism with MAC OS, iOS & Android

Haivision has enhanced its industry-leading mobile journalism (MOJO) solutions, which include the DMNG Laptop MacBook application and the DMNG APP iOS and Android applications. The new version of the DMNG APP smartphone application offers bonded live streaming, storage, and forwarding of high-quality, live video. New features include an optimized interface, advanced camera settings (e.g., focus, exposure, white balance), dynamic resolution, and video quality improvements, with the capability to transmit video over bonded 3G/4G and Wi-Fi connections in just seconds. The new DMNG APP also includes the ability to edit video clips with a mobile device. When using the DMNG Laptop and DMNG APP, journalists can forward video segments that are edited and ready for air. This can drastically accelerate the time to air in electronic journalism.


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