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Five Reasons Your Studio Needs Remote Directing

Last updated Apr 21, 2022 | Published on Apr 18, 2022 | Bonded Cellular

Remote directing for productions that are not live can be more beneficial and convenient than you expect. With remote directing, you can use a file-based workflow where the production team transmits your video back to the studio or an editor’s home office for editing. In addition, when you work with VidOvation, we can give you access to the camera and send the footage back live, making remote directing more convenient. VidOvation facilitates remote directing using bonded cellular live streaming technology. But why choose remote directing in the first place? This option gives your executives and your production many benefits, which we explore below.

1. Work Around Travel and Schedule Restrictions

There are travel restrictions in place throughout the world for many reasons. Perhaps an executive or director cannot make it on-site due to their country’s pandemic restrictions. Perhaps the location is dangerous or simply too far of a flight, considering the executive’s other scheduling commitments. In addition, nations might change whom they accept into their country at the last minute, or war may break out. Remote directing allows you to keep your production on your timeline even when global circumstances suddenly change and executives can no longer make it to their production.

2. Save on Logistics and Travel Costs

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Remote directing enables you to have a smaller production team and send fewer people and less equipment to your filming location. It is not just executives and directors who can work from home when you’re doing remote production, but also other production personnel.

You can thus cut down on your travel budget and stop fussing with the logistics of having these people arrive on set. Keeping costs low is a priority for everyone, and whatever you save on these logistical and travel costs, you can spend elsewhere in your production. For example, renting or purchasing bonded cellular video streaming technology for remote directing is often much less than the savings from logistical and travel costs.

3. Stay Aware of Delays and Budgeting Concerns

In remote directing, it is common for TV and cinema productions to send rough-cut dallies at the end of each day to executives on-site and back at the studio. But we can do better. Not all remote directing provides this, but VidOvation allows production executives who are not on-site to have live access to the cameras during production. Live remote access to the camera’s onset may eliminate the need for dailies. Alternatively, editors can create dailies in near real-time throughout the day, providing dailies much quicker after productions wrap for the day. Eliminating the need for dailies or producing dailies from multiple locations more quickly is essential for peace of mind and keeping production running well.

This way, senior executives and the studio can monitor the production team. If they notice extended periods of inactivity, they can reach out to the production team, discuss delays, and find solutions to facilitate the continuation of filming. They can also plan for budget problems if it is clear that the production requires more funding. This is a precious tool that helps everyone stay on track and achieve their goals for production.

4. Cut Down Production Turnaround Times

When you have access to live footage, these streams can be used as a proxy for television and cinema editors to begin editing the raw production content immediately. This can save days or weeks in production turnaround times. In addition, your remote editor can edit together dailies in real-time and have them ready for the remote and the local production crews to review, so everyone is clear about what the team has accomplished and on the same page about the production in general.

5. Focus on Safety, But Get the Shot

Remote Directing from Live Event

When you allow executives to work from home or remotely, you can prioritize their safety. You can avoid exposing people to pandemic conditions, political instability, and the threat of natural disasters when you don’t have to. You can’t protect all production crew this way, but some.

Remote directing can provide the safety you need to get the footage you may otherwise not be able to. For example, interviewing people in war-torn or unstable countries is possible without risking your interviewer or executive’s life. In addition, remote directing can give you access to important voices for some journalistic productions.

Remote Directing from VidOvation

Remote directing from VidOvation isn’t just the next best thing for live directing. Instead, it has benefits that you can’t get from having your executives and directors in person, like lowered costs and shortened timelines, and timeline flexibility. But, you get those advantages without having most of the typical costs of not being in person. In addition, your executives and studio can still keep an eye on the production and ensure it is running smoothly and under budget.

Let us know your unique needs! Then, we design the best solution for you.

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