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Go Live & Broadcast from Anywhere

Published on Mar 26, 2020 | News, Video Streaming - Webcasting

Live video streaming from anywhere using your mobile phone

Live video streaming enables news sites, consumer brands, content providers, and influencers to engage with their readers, followers, and customers better.  Remote workers can better collaborate with their colleagues using broadcast-quality video transmission or the cell phone in their pocket. VidOvation’s live video streaming solutions create a seamless workflow for organizations of any size, from a one-person show to a full production team.

VidOvation’s cloud-based management systems provide the ability to produce a live video stream in the cloud for distribution to any content delivery network (CDN). We provide full integration with any online video provider and social media networks, such as Facebook Live, YouTube, and more.

In the past, only news agency field reporters could afford the required cameras and remote streaming technology. Now, virtually every person on the planet has a high-quality camera on their broadband-connected cell phone.

Live video streaming

Mobile journalism with support for Android, iOS, and macOS.

The Haivision MOJOPRO Mobile Live Streaming App for iOS and Android is FREE to download. Any can download the app and connect to a properly configured Haivision StreamHub Receiver. The MOJOPRO app puts the power in anyone’s hands to broadcast live video to contribute to local television stations and social media.

MoJoProLive Streaming App

See the full range of mobile applications running on Android, iOS, and macOS. The Swiss Army knife for Mobile streaming and citizens to broadcast HD Live from the field or record, edit and forward video clips.

The MOJOPRO Series is the ultimate video encoding and live streaming software application range available on mobile devices (iOS and Android™) and MacBook® Pro. It allows flawless live streaming of videos, editing video files, and forwarding recorded content from any location over bonded 3G/4G and Wi-Fi connections in just seconds, giving a competitive edge to the user.

Video Distribution and Sharing

Users can distribute live video announcements to social media, local broadcast television stations, and corporate brands. VidOvation uses SafeStreams Transport (SST) technology from our partner Haivision to reliably distribute live video point-to-point and point to multipoint. The technology uses bonding technology utilizing multiple IP networks, such as cellular, the public Internet, satellite, WAN, and more. The VidOvation teams can design an interconnecting communications grid delivering live video to an unlimited number of recipients.

Business Continuity and Remote Internet Connectivity

Remote user broadcasting Live from their cellphone

Are you struggling with business continuity issues? The VidOvation team can build systems for remote connectivity and off-premises video, audio, and data transmission.

VidOvation provides technology for remote Internet connectivity. Organizations can maintain high-bandwidth Internet connectivity from remote locations, such as field offices, remote workers, construction sites, corporate events, trade shows, church overflow facilities, and more.

Extend Your Network into the Field

Connectivity to command and control is critical when performing remote operations in the field. The VidOvation field transmission technology from Haivision can provide a wireless and wired hotspot and access point to the public Internet via bonded cellular and satellite. Haivision SafeStreams technology (SST) also provides a secure virtual private network (VPN) by extending the network at your command and control center to the field. Now you can have all your cameras and other IP assets in the field securely connected to the same subnet as your command and control center.

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