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Government & Military – Video Networking (IPTV) Webinar – VidOvation Blog

Government & Military – Video Networking (IPTV)

The applications of Video Networking & IPTV Video Distribution vary between Government & Military. However, one may offer features that can be useful to the other, so we find it reasonable to pack them into the same webinar. This webinar will go live at 11:00 AM on Thursday, September 18th, 2014. Come learn how to save big with the best system.

Join The Government & Military IPTV Webniar!

We know that in government & military applications, you need the best quality on a budget. We’ve designed a way to implement a reliable Video Networking & IPTV Video Distribution System at a very low cost. It’s flexible and scalable, and supports many applications.

Partial list of Government & Military Applications:

  • Surveillance for military bases, sea ports, highways, etc. 
  • Live video streaming to TV/Dsiplay, computers, smartphones, etc.
  • Any large venue After-Action-Reviews systems
  • MOUT (Military Operation in Urban Terrain) ranges
  • Congressional digital meetings
  • Stored channels and Video on Demand
  • Synchronized Simultaneous Playback of up to 16 video streams

In all Goverment & Military applications, operations need to flow smoothly. One of the scariest things is implementing an expensive clumsy video communications system. This is why here at VidOvation, we take the approach to find the most reliable, flexible, and best cost ways to design systems such as this. As an educator, we feel obligated to inform you of what we learn. Therefore, since we feel we hold the key to great Video Networking & IPTV Video Distribution Systems, we feel the need to put on this webinar. To truly know all of your options and make the best possible decision, it’s vital that you ensure you become an expert before pulling the trigger on a big project. This is where you will become an expert.

Join The Government & Military IPTV Webniar!

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