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How Digital Signage Benefits Your Retail Business


Last updated Aug 12, 2019 | Published on Aug 11, 2019 | IPTV, Digital Signage

Brand immersion is a critical consideration for growing companies. Delivering the right message at the right time within the customer’s buying cycle is key. It’s the reason that so many companies are now reviewing digital signage options as well as IPTV services.

Allows for Simple Changeovers

One of the key challenges in building and implementing new signs for your business is the need to scale your marketing campaigns over time. You must continually change out your signs to appeal to your growing audience.

Using digital signage can help you achieve a great return on your investment and minimize your marketing costs. With digital signage, the message is fluid and can be changed at a moment’s notice. Your marketing campaign transitions will be seamless, and you’ll waste no time appealing to the right target audience at the right time in their purchasing stages.

Proven Effective for Conversion

In marketing meetings across the country, the topic of conversation is lead-to-customer conversion. “How can we convince a qualified lead to buy our product?” Digital signage has proven to be effective in converting customers. Studies by Neilson Research show that digital signage is effective in convincing shoppers to buy one product over another. Their studies also showed that digital systems had a much greater influence over retail shoppers than other technologies in the industry.

Supports Location Based Advertising

The audience within a particular location will change over time. For example, if you’re promoting a service or product within a mall, your audience may skew older during the day because young generations will be in school. You may also find that your weekend audience is younger, on average, for similar reasons. Here’s where digital signage technology can be crucial. The technology allows you to reach specific audiences in specific locations at specific times of the day.

So, if you have a product that is targeted at those in an older demographic, you might focus your digital signage on that product during school or daytime hours. Then, when the after-school crowd visits your store, you may alter the signage to focus on products that appeal to younger shoppers. It’s a level of messaging control that will help growing retail companies compete with their larger counterparts.

The Case for IPTV for Retail

Like digital signage, companies are now harnessing IPTV technologies to reach their audience with immersive content. While IPTV content tends to be focused on building a relationship with the audience rather than direct sales, it can have a similar impact on your product sales. Let’s explore the benefits of IPTV for retail:

Offers Quality Content

Guests at your retail store expect to be able to view quality content through your in-store televisions. IPTV can be used, for example, in a golf store to showcase a company’s products and explain how to use the latest driver or putting wedge.

Simple Distribution

For larger retail chains with a significant number of stores, IPTV allows for simple video distribution from one centralized location. So, if one store wishes to display product content while another is focused on simply entertaining their store visitors, each store can display their ideal content through one centralized system.

Limits the Need for Cabling Structures

IPTV signals are distributed wirelessly throughout the company. You won’t have to install complex wiring systems within your store. The setup process is relatively simple and can be completed in a short timeframe. There’s no need for a prolonged installation phase.

Intuitive Performance

Another clear advantage over IPTV over other forms of in-store branding technologies is that the system is intuitive. Your store team won’t have to spend many weeks learning the system and its various functions. There are no complex error codes. You can simply integrate the technology and then begin benefiting from the immersive branding experience provided.

Integrates With Self-service Kiosks

Here’s where IPTV really gives retail companies an IPTV for Retail edge over their competition in the industry. Many growing companies are now integrating IPTV within their self-service kiosks. They’re showing branded content to shoppers as they complete their purchases and make shopping decisions. For example, a clothing store can showcase accessories that go with a particular dress while the shopper is finalizing their purchase.

Empower your brand with the latest in digital signage and IPTV. Our experts can help you to explore the full potential of this immersive technology. For a quote, questions, or other inquiries, contact VidOvation today.

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