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How Does Bonded Cellular Work?

Last updated Jun 22, 2021 | Published on Jun 15, 2021 | Bonded Cellular

Cellular bonding equipment is the best way to transmit live streams via multiplexed cellular signals when you don’t have access to ethernet or Wi-Fi. Instead of using expensive satellite transmissions, cellular bonding offers an affordable, practical, and effective technology using multiple cellular modems to combine 3G, 4G, LTE, 5G and other cellular signals to boost connectivity. While that is a basic explanation of what it does, here we explain in a bit more detail who needs it and how it works.

Who Should Use Bonded Cellular?

Right now bonded cellular is the technology of choice by many industries and for many applications including:

  • Live video broadcasts delivering news events, weather, and traffic reports
  • Security guards receiving video transmission from remote security cameras
  • First responders and medical teams relaying critical information
  • Transportation industries offering Wi-Fi on trains and buses
  • Farmers using data links for crop sensors
  • Live-video streaming for Facebook Live and YouTube Live producers

With cellular bonding equipment, you have what you need to effectively transform your digital video production chain into an efficient system designed for smooth information transmission. When you use cellular bonding, you access a more reliable, portable, and highly robust uplink system allowing you to do everything from delivering news from remote areas to sending wireless videos for all kinds of applications. It is the most dependable method when you need to relay crucial information without fail from areas notorious for video transmission challenges.

How Bonded Cellular Works

To help understand how it works, it is good to understand why it works. Bonded cellular takes advantage of several networks so you aren’t depending on one hard-lined internet source. You have more connections being accessed so if one drops, you can fall back on another. You gain reliability because an automatic failover ensures that a live stream runs continuously. What we do is detect and aggregate multiple IP-based networks so regardless of where you are, you can take advantage of every cellular and IP network within your immediate area.

While different networks become available, we adapt to make sure you maintain a steady delivery of your transmission. Using a high-performance mechanism to automatically sense and “bond” together all possible IP connectivity, you have more bandwidth, and the biggest pipe to spread your video content. The beauty of bonded cellular is that there are always new enhancements making the technology better and better. As a result, you continuously produce higher quality video and recording.

Ongoing Enhancements

Because there are ongoing enhancements available in cellular bonding technology, the end results continue to improve performance, video quality and recording for store and forward. You’ll also notice improvements for untethered multi-camera productions with frame-accurate genlock and audio lip-sync, dual hardware encoders, and fragmented MPEG4 file recording and appreciate the decreased power consumption, return video, data pipe and hotspot capabilities, integrated camera control, compact size, and lighter weight when out in the field. With these upgrades, you work smarter and faster with easier to move equipment and less power consumption to remain cost-effective. In other words, you see efficiencies in production and cost in hand with total quality improvement across the board.

Why Do I Need Cellular Bonding?

Any business relying on video transmission through wireless connections needs bonded cellular products. They provide the best way to ensure superior connectivity and remain budget-conscious without sacrificing quality. You have more efficient live-video streaming services allowing you to deliver information whether it is to an audience, your team, employees, or customers. As a business, you need to remain cost-effective and yet the costs of live on location is unavoidably expensive.

Unfortunately, most enterprises are faced with the cost of hard-wired solutions, because current networks are unstable due to demand. However, when you use cellular bonding wireless video solutions, you not only improve quality, but also reduce costs associated with live broadcast and the challenges of working in remote locations. Your efficiencies improve because you avoid instability and leverage access to the carrier with the strongest connectivity.

Advantages of Bonded Cellular Summary

When you use bonded cellular products, you gain the following advantages:

  • Easy transportation thanks to the compact size and design
  • Seamless integration with existing workflows
  • Reduced time for setting up at live events, so you get the story immediately and don’t miss a thing
  • Improved safety in life-critical situations by accessing dangerous remote areas without compromising the safety of first responders
  • Compatibility with next-generation codecs using HEVC and H.265 video
  • Significantly more bandwidth when streaming live video
  • Cost savings
  • Eliminate the need for an on-site production truck.
  • Reduce the number of staff needed on-site
  • Save on travel costs
  • Your production team can participate in two or more events per day versus two events a week

If you depend on wireless video and live video streaming VidOvation’s bonded cellular solutions are customized for your broadcast, sports, live production, or enterprise business.

Tell us your unique needs! We will work to find the best solution for you. Reach out today to set up your discovery meeting.

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