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How Does Technology-as-a-Service Benefit You?

Published on Aug 27, 2022 | Technology as a Service - TaaS

Technology-as-a-service is a smart option for any business with an essential need for critical equipment, but not necessarily the upfront cash to invest in that equipment. Even when you can afford your broadcast equipment up front, you can make a more economical decision and get more benefits from using a technology-as-a-service agreement to get full access to the specific AV or broadcast solutions you need, along with the support and services the equipment needs. Here are a few ways to benefit you by choosing broadcast technology as a service over leasing, owning, and other options.

Receive Professional Guidance

Even brands that need video equipment for remote productions, broadcasting live events, or the use of video technology in other ways still may not have the staff on hand who understand audio-visual equipment and its software. You can try to rely on salespeople to get what you need when purchasing equipment, but ultimately these people are still driven by the sale and not by your best interests.

When you work with a TaaS company, they care about a very long-term relationship with you. So, they are motivated to provide advice that truly puts your needs first. You get the peace of mind that you have the necessary equipment to fulfill your needs.

Make Your Equipment More Economical

So many of the costs of buying new broadcast equipment are nonrecoverable. It can also eat right into your cash flow, making your business less flexible and unable to invest in other areas where TaaS may not be available. By using a TaaS company, you avoid these significant upfront costs, retain a healthier cash flow, and can direct your resources to other areas where your business may need them to succeed.

Upgrade Technology without Penalty

While it’s exciting that our pace of technological improvement is so quick and that they might release a new camera next year, which could make all the difference in the quality of your broadcast, it is hard or even impossible to afford to keep up with this change of pace. When leasing, there are new solutions by the time you end up owning your equipment. Your current equipment may even suffer from obsolescence and no longer work. With TaaS, you can upgrade your technology as soon as it no longer meets your needs. VidOvation TaaS lets you do this without financial penalty.

Technology Upgradation

Feed Start-ups and New Ideas

How do you convince your investors that purchasing all new AV equipment is a good idea? How do you direct enough marketing dollars to broadcast equipment to start competing in the television industry? With TaaS, you don’t have to. It is easier to convince people to take that leap of faith with you when the upfront cost is significantly lower. Get your foot in the door with your great idea, and people will follow.

Discover how VidOvation Technology-as-a-Service offers you even more benefits than a typical TaaS service. Reach out today.

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