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How Fiber Optics Will Benefit Your Business


Published on Aug 28, 2019 | Fiber Optics

Fiber-optic networks are the fastest, most reliable, and secure type of internet connection infrastructure available on the market today. Compared to DSL or cable modem connections, using fiber optics increases the potential to connect to cloud-based services and remote servers, and it provides a stronger communication network for your business.

The Benefits of Fiber Optics

Fiber-optic technology is much newer than copper cable, but many video production businesses have found significantly higher returns on their investment already. Fiber-optic connectivity lends great advantages to companies of all sizes and is a powerful communication tool for any business.

Lightning Fast Speed

Fiber-optic networks are faster than the highest internet speed using copper connections. While slow internet speeds might seem minor, employees that spend time waiting for valuable information and video streaming end up losing productivity over time.

Fiber-optic networks give your team the systems they need to work efficiently, stay on pace, and remain at their best. They’ll have a reliable network that helps them deliver live-video streaming faster and more efficiently than with copper-based connections.

Higher Bandwidth

For video production businesses, it’s frustrating to hit the limit on an internet bandwidth using copper cables. But with fiber-optic networks, the bandwidth is significantly higher and can keep up with demand.

By increasing your bandwidth, you can have smoother connections for web conferencing, file sharing, and live-video streaming. You’ll be able to limit delays, avoid pixelated video, and provide your business with the professional system it needs to succeed.

Access to Cloud-Based Storage

Cloud storage is becoming increasingly critical to businesses for customer relationship management tools, data storage, wireless video, and a variety of apps. By increasing the speed and bandwidth capabilities with fiber optics, your team will have better access to data and applications stored in the cloud, thereby increasing your customer support services.

Rock-Solid Security

While hackers and information thieves can gain access to copper cable networks with ease, the only way for them to infiltrate a fiber-optic network is to cut the cables physically. If your company or broadcast service is at risk of security breaches or a cyber-attack, upgrading to fiber-optic cables is a powerful way to strengthen your company’s security.

Consistency and Reliability

Since fiber optics are much stronger than copper, they offer significant reliability advantages. Fiber-optic networks are not susceptible to weather conditions or electrical interference. Compared to copper cables that can be easily damaged, fiber-optic networks are truly superior.

Support for Live-Video Streaming

Teleconferencing and video streaming are important tools for employee training, marketing, and sales. With fiber-optic networks, video conferencing tools can be used to their potential without sacrificing bandwidth. Fiber-optic networks not only keep communications clear but also offer options to cut travel costs.

Cost Savings

Fast internet service is synonymous with productivity for many businesses, schools, and broadcast companies. Lost downtime due to slow connections, unreliable service, and damaged cabling can lead to increased costs over time.

With the flexibility and scalability of fiber-optic networks, your business can thrive. By giving your workforce the best network on the market, they can increase the efficiency of their live-video streaming, provide better service to your customers, and streamline management applications.

Fiber-Optic System Products at VidOvation

VidOvation offers multiple products for fiber-optic networks. We provide professional services for CATV, Power Utility, FTTP, video transmission, wireless video, telecommunications, and cellular backhaul applications.

Over the years, we’ve evolved by offering design and engineering services, fusion splicing, system integration, consulting, system documentation and characterization, project management, and support services.

We also provide the best fiber-optic system parts, including:

  • USB Fiber-Optic Links
  • Camera Back Fiber-Optic Links
  • Optical Multiplexing
  • HD SDI Fiber-Optic Links
  • SMPTE & Tactical Fiber Cables
  • CATV RF L-Band Fiber Links
  • Ethernet Fiber Media converters
  • HDMI – DVI – VGA – RGB Extenders

We also pride ourselves on creating a team of highly trained and experienced fiber-optic professionals. Our entire team is committed to the highest standards, and we’re dedicated to delivering high-quality service at the lowest cost.

Fiber Optics Professionals

Contact Our Team at VidOvation Today

VidOvation provides an array of fiber-optic systems and video streaming professional services.

Contact us today to speak to a fiber optic specialist. We’ll answer any questions you have and provide you with a quote.

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