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How To Broadcast Live From Home

Last updated Dec 10, 2020 | Published on Dec 9, 2020 | Video Streaming - Webcasting

You, like so many other business owners, are looking for new, creative ways to continue their work in the new distanced, work-from-home work environment. And, really, it doesn’t really seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

So, if you’re faced with the new challenge of finding the best methods to streaming live video to a wide network, we’re here to help.

In 2020, we knew we had to create a guide to broadcasting with wireless video from home.

The Basics for Streaming Live Video

Remote video needs for businesses used to be much harder to accommodate, but luckily technology has come a far way, thankfully allowing many businesses and people to continue business (almost) as usual.

Wireless Transmission

If you’re planning to establish a wireless data, audio and/or video transmission system, it’s important to find an efficient wireless video transmitter, engineered and installed by an experienced technician.

There are three wireless broadcast link technologies, using different methods to transmit, from cellular networks to encoded digital data:

  • OFDM / COFDM solutions
  • Cellular network solutions
  • Video over WiFi solutions

If you’re streaming live video on a regular basis, we recommend incorporating our high-quality wireless video transmission accessories:

Luckily, for smaller production needs and some work-from-home scenarios, the latest at-home production technology eliminates the need for expensive satellite, fiber and telecom connections.

At-Home Production (REMI) using Cellular & the Public Internet

If you’re in need of a more advanced system, there’s likely broadcast engineers and operators at your company who are looking for the best, most efficient way to distribute video. Some examples of businesses that would need REMI live video production setup include sports broadcasters and other live TV producers. These productions typically include live, high-action multicamera backhauling, multisource video and audio. Systems that would likely be of benefit to you if you’re looking for something to fulfill the needs mentioned above include:

  • Haivision’s HE4000 4K UHD & HD HEVC live encoder
  • PRO Series and AIR Series of bonded cellular are best for applications that require more mobility and offer a compact alternative to satellite.
  • IP transmitter with SafeStreams® technology
  • HE4000 (which sends video through public internet, making is very cost-efficient
  • QUAD CellLink is an addition to the HE4000, allowing it to utilize bonded cellular capabilities.

Big Benefit of Streaming Live Video Wirelessly

While technology and equipment can often be an investment, the best purchases are the decisions made where the benefit outweighs the cost. That is our mission here at VidOvation.

For many large organizations and other film productions, filming can become very costly when equipment and more individuals need to be on-site. With a new wireless live video system, you can greatly reduce the need for on-site production trucks, countless personnel, and added costs like per-diems for your crews.

Streaming Live Video: An Example

Sometimes, the best way to understand what your business needs is to compare your business to the needs of other companies and what gear they chose. For example, an NFL utilized the ABonAir AB512™ wireless camera system with integrated camera control, paint, and intercom to transmit signals with great reliability and flexibility within its stadium during NFL broadcasts.

This particular system was the best choice for this NFL team because of its unique ability to deliver a high-quality product under specific parameters that prove to be challenging for most other systems. More specifically, the ABonAir AB512 is reliable and offers low-latency wireless video, giving the user superior wireless performance at a much more cost-effective price point.

Expect a Standing Ovation with VidOvation

Your new work from home environment means that you rely on technology more than ever, and we’re here to help you stand out amongst other companies and provide a professional, seamless experience for both your team and your customers. As remote video and other methods of communication become even more of the norm, it’s important that you create a system that offers a stand-out, high-quality experience, setting you apart from many others.

Live Broadcast From Home

As a company invested in delivering a quality experience while adapting to the new needs of the marketplace (ahem, COVID-19), you know that it’s time that you upgraded to a system that delivers too.

Ready to get started with streaming live video from home? Contact us today to discuss your options!

Want to watch our webinar? We’ll be teaching you how to establish flexible live remote at-home production for the new abnormal here.

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