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How to Choose the Best Wireless Video System


Published on Apr 27, 2020 | Wireless Video

Wireless video isn’t an option anymore – it’s a necessity. With increasing competition when it comes to content streaming and more value placed on real-time content (whether it’s the news of a sporting event), it’s now time that your business ups the ante and invests in a high-quality wireless broadcast and video system.

However, just like there are countless options for broadcasting networks, there are many different options for wireless video systems. Which leads us to our main topic of discussion: how do you choose the best wireless video system for your business? After years of experience in the technology space, here’s what matters most.

Wireless Video System Features

When looking for your wireless system, there are Wireless Video Advances many features to compare. The most important features and benefits to pay attention to will make the biggest difference from model to model and help you make the right decision for your wireless investment. Here’s what to look out for:

Mitigation of Signal Loss and Interference

Look for solutions that are designed to reduce or eliminate signal loss, strengthening the quality of the content and, more importantly, the quality of the viewing experience for your audience.

Security Measures

Among each of the solutions that you’re contemplating, what are the security measures that are included with the wireless video system to ensure that your organization and your audience are safe? The beauty of the internet and modern technology is the swift exchange of information, but of course, this means that information can be subject to security risks. With a quality wireless video system, security measures are included to ensure your peace of mind.

Technical Support and Industry Experience

Implementing a wireless video system into your business operations can take technical background and years of experience in order to make the most of it. When researching and comparing wireless video systems, don’t forget to consider where you’re getting it from and what kind of technical support you may need throughout the entire life of your system.


While wireless video systems are cost-effective, it’s still an investment that you should make sure to protect. When comparing your wireless video options, consider the type of guarantee and long-term warranty that will give you peace of mind.

Wireless Video Solutions

From sportscasting to live news reporting to live event coverage, high-quality video streaming is essential. Depending on your

Wireless Broadcast Transmission Technologies

There are 3 primary wireless broadcast technologies where the main differentiator (and likely your deciding factor) is the technology’s transmission method, the OFDM solutions, cellular network solutions, and video over WiFi solutions.

Wireless Video Devices

Forget using tangled cables – the way of the future is wireless video transmitters and receivers. Not only are wireless systems easier and more convenient to use, but they also contribute to a safer working environment since cables no longer present tripping hazards to your staff. These devices are long-range wireless products that seamlessly record and transmit the source. These solutions can be installed from scratch or integrated into existing technology architecture.

For more information about professional wireless video from VidOvation, visit our full information page here.

Wireless Camera Systems

A great example of one of the high-end wireless camera systems that VidOvation offers is the AllonAir wireless camera system. This solution offers a wide variety of benefits designed with the customer in mind. Some of these benefits include 7ms wireless latency, maximum broadcast-quality video, and multi-zone coverage via fiber coverage extenders, just to name a few. For more information about this product, click here.

The Complete Package: Wireless Video System Accessories

A wireless video system may not be the only thing that you need in order to get the nend result that you’re looking for. Some other accessories that you may want to add to your solution may include broadcast wireless video, wireless ethernet, wireless camera control, and professional wireless video.

For a catalogue of the accessories available for wireless systems, visit the page here. If you’re not sure what you need, we’re here to help you build out the optimal wireless video system that will achieve your business objectives.

Live Video Streaming and Wireless TV Solutions

Maintain your competitive advantage with a high quality wireless video streaming system and harness the attention of your audience!

VidOvation delivers business solutions that improve video transmissions through the reduction of security issues, signal loss, latency and more. For a customized quote of your wireless tv and live video streaming needs, answers to your burning questions, or other inquiries, contact VidOvation today at the link here!

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