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How To Choose The Right Wireless System for Your Camera

Published on Dec 23, 2020 | Wireless Video, Wireless Transmission

Did you ever anticipate that you would be relying on wireless video as much as you do right now? Probably not.

Thankfully, we now have the technology to provide the ultimate solutions for streaming live video, wireless video and remote video with products like a wireless camera.

Wireless Video Broadcast Transmission

Many organizations have a need to be in remote places and broadcast directly from a variety of locations, all while wanting to maintain a high level of reliability and quality in the end result.

The leading example for this is news outlets, which constantly broadcast from various remote video locations, often initially streaming live video to the audience on the spot. This poses a particular challenge that wireless broadcast transmission technologies can answer.

There are three kinds of wireless video technologies available for those who are wanting to broadcast remote video and allow streaming of live video in real-time for the end consumers. These three leading wireless broadcast link technologies include:

1. OFDM / COFDM solutions

This particular wireless video link system consists of transmitters and receivers. The transmitter is located on the camera, where the receiver in this system would be found inside the event’s media center or a designated van for broadcasting.


  • OFDM solutions provide a very high picture quality, performance and range
  • No reliance on other networks or equipment to broadcast wireless video

2. Cellular network solutions

When wireless video is linked over a cellular network, the transmitter is still located on the camera, but the receiver typically exists as software on the server that the wireless video is broadcasted through. There are, unfortunately, some drawbacks with this particular method of streaming live video: congestion can occur, leading to a limited bandwidth that can often affect the image quality for the viewer. This is because the remote video is being transmitted over a network with many phone users, making it a not-so-great option for applications such as sporting events where there are a lot of people potentially utilizing the network.

3. Video over WiFi solutions

With solutions that transmit video over WiFi, the transmitter is still located on the camera, but this time the receiver is located near the WiFi access point or at the TV station that the wireless video is broadcasted through. As with any option, there are some drawbacks for broadcasting video over WiFi.

The first challenge that this solution presents is compromised picture quality and stability, a reality that is a result of crowded frequencies. After all, who doesn’t rely on WiFi these days, especially when you’re in a location where video is being broadcasted.

A Final Word on Wireless Broadcast Transmission

Sometimes the best solution is a variety of solutions. Depending on the needs and other parameters of your business, you may want to consider combining two wireless broadcast technologies in order to make up for each solution’s challenges.

Ultra-Low-Latency Links for Wireless Camera Systems

Of course, streaming live video and wireless video broadcasting means that you also need to have an adequate wireless camera system.

Wireless video means that you depend on the reliability of a consistent network of systems and services. In fact, we’ve experienced incredible 7-millisecond latency with ABonAir’s transmission systems — an outcome that no other solution has been able to achieve while also maintaining the same broadcast quality and high reliability they need, all while still using industry-standard H.264 encoding.

Benefits of Ultra-Low-Latency Links for Wireless Video:

  • Unprecedented 7ms wireless latency
  • Maximum bandwidth usage
  • Long-distance wireless transmission
  • Broadcast-quality video
  • Robust Bi-directional RF Link
  • Variable bit rate (VBR) encoding
  • Dynamic Modulation
  • Dynamic Forward Error Correction (FEQ)
  • Automatic Re-request (ARQ) of lost packets
  • Supports Intercom, Camera Control & Paint.
  • Multi-zone Coverage via Fiber Coverage Extenders

For more information about our Ultra-Low-Latency Links for Wireless Camera Systems, click here.

Wireless Camera System

Master the Wireless Video with VidOvation

If you’re looking to establish a wireless data, audio, or video transmission system for your organization, consider VidOvation your partner in creating the ideal solution for your organization’s needs.

VidOvation is where knowledge, experience and the best equipment meet to create the ultimate experience, allowing you to get back to the work that you do best. We have the necessary experience and technical know-how to help you with the design and engineering of an efficient wireless video transmitter for any degree of application.

For our complete list of wireless solutions, visit our page here.

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