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How to Choose Wireless Video Solutions

Last updated Oct 20, 2019 | Published on Dec 4, 2018 | Wireless Video, Users Guides - Education

The majority of systems use IP radio technology and are tailored to stream video from remote IP cameras via the wireless network operating either using the license-free or licensed frequencies.

For this reason, wireless video solutions are the best substitute for wired systems. Wireless systems are designed to solve the significant problems associated with wired camera systems, which are installation and mobility.

The primary difference between wired and wireless systems is that the footage is streamed wirelessly from the camera to the recorder. Wireless systems are connected to your WIFI network either through a cable or wirelessly, and they will need wired power.

Here are the reasons why wireless video solutions are preferred:

  1. Easy installation

Stress-free installation is one of the primary reasons why you need to choose the wireless video solutions. Since the wireless cameras are connected to the WIFI network to convey footage, you don’t have to use connecting wires from the cameras to the recording system.

  1.  Easy to mount and relocate

Unlike wired camera solutions that are permanent, a wireless system is easy to mount, take them down and relocate. For this reason, wireless video systems are perfect for live TV broadcasting.

  1. Offers Secured footage

Data in most of the wireless solutions is stored in the cloud. This helps you to keep the recording secure. Some people might intrude and then destroy or take away the footage. Despite the struggles to damage or delete the recordings, the footage will still be available if you used wireless cameras.

  1.   No wires are required at any phase

The most notable benefit offered by wireless cameras that they use a technology that does not involve cable connection.

How to Choose the Right Solution

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for all the video broadcasting requirements. So, often times, combining the use of different technologies is necessary.

Several options are available to broadcast live videos from the venues to studios. And, with the advent of new technologies, users have the privilege to choose from several alternatives. Though it sounds advantageous, it can be downright confusing.

To guide you in choosing the right wireless video solutions, it is imperative that you know the answers to these questions:

  • How much time availability you have prior to the use of the system?
  • Do you follow certain schedule for the system deployment?
  • How large is the space allotted for your camera and how the coverage area looks like?
  • How frequent do you need the system?

Having them answered can expedite your purchasing process. It can help you determine the type of products that are viable for your schedule and your working area. You can also determine if the system has monthly recurring costs and if you need to impose a usage limit.

Knowing the cost, bandwidth, performance, and reliability are also necessary to determine the suitable products or combination of products for your application.

Learn more about the different criteria, applications and wireless technologies from this free User’s Guide.

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