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How to Configure an IPTV Headend


Configuration of Enterprise IPTV

More and more businesses are attracted to using IPTV solution to enable their organizations to deliver videos via corporate network instead of the traditional method of using bulky coax cables.

The old-fashioned way of delivering cable TV and satellite channels through an RF Distribution System is cost prohibitive and complex with limited capability for expansion and no adaptability to advanced features. IPTV, on the other hand, requires few pieces of hardware thus needing less space. It sends video signals via IP network, offering scalability, flexibility, and efficiency.

The Application

The IPTV headend receives signals that are in the form of streamer module outputs such as AV streams, etc. The output is mostly an IP-stream that is often fed to a broadband network through elements such as the Ethernet switch

With IPTV, your organization can incorporate live TV programs, live broadcasts, and pre-recorded video-on-demand. You also have an option to include digital signage and emergency alerts into the system.

Live streaming and prerecorded video can be distributed to TVs, set-top boxes, mobiles, PCs, tablets and others, creating a more dynamic user experience.

IPTV is a great solution to various applications including corporate training and communications, digital signage, distance learning, e-learning, digital library, healthcare education, community, and residential TV, sports streaming, broadcast TV, and government and military operations.

Configuration Process

By working with an IPTV provider and technology aggregator like Vidovation, your organization is ensured that all aspects of the installation and configuration are being taken cared off.

Components of the headend system include TV servers (application middleware with access control, video-on-demand server, multicast server with scheduling, DRM server, billing interface module, and remote system management), IPTV servers (video encoders and IPTV application middlewares, and NPVR  and/or Time-Shifted TV servers) as optional component, client receiver and network.

A proper set up of the enterprise IPTV headend ensures that you get value for your investment. The process is simple but requires precision and accuracy. You will only be dealing with a few hardware components.

For the purpose of discussion, IPTV providers follow the procedures below for setting up the IPTV:

  • Mounting one IPTV headend on the rack system, making some combinations such as the DVB-T, DVB-S(2) and Audio Video Modules on a single rack.
  • In module setups, you can use up to 9 modules on a single rack to regulate the weight exerted on the rack.
  • Depending on the type of your system, programs are customized to support streamed TV, radio and A/V projections.
  • Add a middleware gadget to upscale the functionality of the system. The basic role of the middleware is to improve your experience while using the IPTV headend for whichever use that you may require.
  • Because streaming might be necessary for your use, you can incorporate the adobe flash player plug-in to your browser. The latest version can not only support high picture quality and high-quality audio, but also high definition streaming that the IPTV headend is transposing due to the high bandwidth capacity. Additionally, on the case of Video-on-Demand (VoD) utilities, the latest program versions can support the MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and VC-1 for viewing the playlists.
  • The IPTV headend will also support interactive telecommunications. In such a way, after setting up your connections, you should ensure that your browser or platform version is the latest to enable you to search for content either through titles, name or picture-in-picture format.

Only trust an experienced and reliable IPTV solution provider like Vidovation to perform the installation and configuration of your headend system. That way, a fully functional enterprise IPTV is guaranteed.

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