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How to Cut Production Costs with Remote Directing

Last updated May 11, 2022 | Published on May 2, 2022 | Bonded Cellular

Many companies and organizations that want to create a video or even production companies shooting a series struggle to manage their budget. For smaller organizations, you may lack the in-house resources and skills to direct video. It can be costly to acquire them, or you can save money by hiring a remote director. For those who do have in-house recording capabilities, you still may be working with a tight budget which means you feel like you need to sacrifice somewhere, whether it is the crew’s experience, quality of the equipment, or something else.

Remote direction is a solution to save production costs across several departments. Whether capturing client testimonials, creating content for your university or school or filing a scripted series, remote direction can significantly cut down on your production costs and more than pay for itself.

Micro Content

When producing content that a short or small video could significantly enhance, it becomes hard to justify its cost. Even though you know that a small video could greatly benefit your website or social media presence, you aren’t ready to go out and buy, or even rent, the equipment, and talent you need to achieve it. Remote directing is a much more affordable way to get those short videos. You don’t need to buy equipment, hire people, or spend a lot to produce the short videos you need. Then, if you decide you need more, you can use remote directing again.

Travel Costs

Those who do have executives and staff for directing can cut down on their travel and other costs by not having to send them out on site. In addition, with remote directing, your executives can have the same level of live and personal control from their home office or home studio as they do when they are on-site. That means that all you’re sacrificing is the cost of sending them out–and who doesn’t want to sacrifice that?

Equipment Costs

Production equipment is not cheap, especially if you want a certain level of quality. However, some of your production workflow can be centralized when you’re using remote directing technology. A centralized production workflow is beneficial if you have multiple shooting locations. For example, instead of each location team producing dailies for review by the production team back home at the end of each day, the centralized team can facilitate the live monitoring of the production sites, which may eliminate the need for dailies. Alternatively, editors can create the dailies in near real-time from the live stream, so production teams do not have to wait for the dailies to be ready after the production wraps each day.

Staffing Costs

If you use remote directing, you may not have to hire as many staff for your production. It can be tremendous savings and enable the entire project when you can reduce the size of your on-site production team. With bonded cellular video streaming technology, production personnel can assist productions on multiple shooting locations on the same day, saving production time and eliminating the need for redundant personnel. Eliminating personnel saves on airfare, hotels, craft services, over time, and more. The cinema and television studios have a high demand for content but at lower costs.

Reduce Turnaround Times

Time is money. When your team is waiting for access to your content to edit it, you’re wasting money, and you may even be running out of time to meet your production goals. When you use remote directing, you can use the live feed to begin to edit the material. This can save you days or even weeks, saving you money and giving your editors content to start editing.

Remote Video Production

Have a Closer Handle on the Budget

The budget can easily get out of hand in a production of any size. For studios or members of the organization who aren’t necessarily involved in on-site filming or editing, it can be hard to stay abreast of the project. With remote directing and remote producing, you can monitor the production crew, notice if there are delays, and communicate. This can help you stay in touch with the schedule and the budget for your production, saving you money even if you run into delays.

Save with Remote Production from VidOvation

For large and small productions, VidOvation offers bonded cellular video streaming technology for remote directing that can save you money. For a quote, questions, or other inquiries, contact VidOvation today.

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