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How to Decide if Technology-as-a-Service (TaaS) is Right for You?

Last updated Sep 20, 2022 | Published on Sep 10, 2022 | Technology as a Service - TaaS

Technology-as-a-service is an option to get the technology you need in a way that may be more convenient for you. Like software-as-a-service, when you use TaaS, you don’t own the technology, just as you wouldn’t own the software. However, that comes with benefits, particularly for those organizations that need AV or broadcast equipment. Here are a few things to consider about whether TaaS solutions might be the right decision for your organization.

1. Do You Need to Avoid Massive Investments?

Firms and organizations of all stripes need more technology than ever to stay competitive. All of these investments can add up considerably. No matter how large or small, any business can struggle to afford all the equipment they need when they are only up-front investments. These costs are non-recoverable.

By choosing TaaS, you can get all the AV and broadcast equipment you need without paying upfront. VidOvation TaaS offers video technology-as-a-service, which is significantly more affordable than investing in owning the solutions you need.

2. Is Your Technology Likely to Suffer from Obsolescence?

Video and broadcast technology and all of the associated hardware aren’t just expensive it is also short-lived. Very soon after you invest in purchasing all your equipment, newer options are released which offer more convenience, higher quality, and new features that could significantly improve your broadcast quality. The problem is that you can’t afford them, not even including your current equipment’s (low) resale value.

That’s why broadcast-as-a-service is so powerful. You don’t own the equipment, so you can upgrade to new technology much more straightforward and without incurring the financial cost. VidOvation offers a Solution Replacement Guarantee, where you can upgrade your technology as soon as what you currently have no longer suits your needs. There are no penalty fees and no rollover balances.

3. Will You Need Professional Support?

When you invest in hardware-as-as-service, your package should include appropriate service and maintenance for your equipment. This is a decisive advantage for firms that don’t specialize in AV equipment. It ensures that your equipment performs properly and saves you the expense and hassle of figuring out maintenance for this unfamiliar technology. Never mind that when you choose AV-as-a-service, you even have the professional support you need to ensure you have the right technology.

Professional Support

4. Will You Need to Scale Your Business?

When your business successfully scales, you are presented with all new challenges. One is how to upgrade your AV equipment. Scarce is the organization that chooses the perfect option to scale with its needs. Instead, the flexibility of a TaaS option should allow you to get the new equipment you need to keep growing and succeeding.

5. Could You Benefit from Additional Insurance?

There are other surprising benefits of TaaS. With VidOvation Shield, your equipment is protected in a natural disaster. We pay the deductible on your insurance if your equipment is harmed by a natural disaster such as lightning, tornado, fire, etc.

Discuss your TaaS options with VidOvation today.

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