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How to Keep Up with Technology Advancements with TaaS

Last updated Sep 27, 2022 | Published on Aug 18, 2022 | Technology as a Service - TaaS

Investing in the right audiovisual technology for your firm is expensive enough, never mind keeping up with technological advances. New equipment that is better and produces higher quality broadcasts or recordings is being made all the time. Even when you want to invest in, for example, a new camera, you’ll often find that doing so renders other equipment you have obsolete. How do you keep up with technology to remain competitive without hindering your business and dealing with overwhelming costs? TaaS is the simple answer.

Regarding AV equipment, technology-as-a-service is a way to get complete access to and service for all the equipment you need, for a low monthly cost, instead of purchasing the equipment upfront. The cost savings of that strategy seem obvious, but how does it help you keep up with technological advances? We detail that below.

Advancements in Broadcast Technology

Broadcasting and audiovisual equipment are among the fastest advancing areas of technology. There are advancements in areas that you might expect, like 4K and 8K resolutions, and also areas that you might think have been “maxed out” in advancements, like cabling. Manufacturers of encoders are constantly working to improve things like latency and video quality, the features and convenience of the hardware, and much more. It is tough to keep up with the advancements that are coming out.

How Technology-as-a-Service Helps You Keep Up

TaaS plans should allow you to get the best audiovisual equipment for you and “keep up” in three different ways:

  • Initial purchase: TaaS makes audiovisual equipment much more affordable for your business. So, you should be able to buy the highest-end equipment that makes sense for your purposes. If you have to start with used or lower-quality equipment than you want, you’re already behind.
  • Upgrading: TaaS solutions should allow you to upgrade your equipment the moment that what you have no longer fits your needs. Our VidOvation TaaS agreement will enable you to do this without financial penalty and no rollover fees, unlike other TaaS solutions and leases. That makes it so much more affordable to get the latest equipment.
  • Scaling: Sometimes, the solutions you choose for your small or medium-sized firm no longer make sense once you’ve grown. What seemed like the best solutions at first may not scale at all. TaaS solutions should allow you to easily swap out your old equipment for the hardware that can scale to your new size. As a result, you can support the growth of your business; you can scale up and do so without considerable reinvestment costs in equipment you already own and use.

TaaS from VidOvation

VidOvation TaaS can help you keep up with technological advancements without incurring high costs. Reach out to learn more.

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