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How to Make Your Audiovisual Technology Needs More Economical

Published on Oct 10, 2022 | Technology as a Service - TaaS

Audio-visual equipment has become mission-critical technology for most businesses. Most firms have substantial AV technology needs, from broadcasting live events to IPTV television distribution and digital signage systems. While AV technology keeps getting more advanced and helps you create more consistent, convenient, and high-quality broadcasts while keeping the organization informed, it also takes up a larger and larger chunk of your budget. How do you make it more economical?

The best way to make your AV equipment more economical is to use a technology-as-a-service agreement. A TaaS is where you get complete access to the proper audio-visual hardware and the support and service you need to keep it running and your production quality high. A TaaS will reduce your costs at four critical spots along the road, which we will detail below.

Reducing Upfront Costs

Of course, the upfront costs of audio-visual equipment can be enormous. Beyond a camera, you may be surprised at the other accessories and equipment you need for your business and workflow. Often, smaller companies or those with tighter budgets decide they can’t invest in AV or get subpar solutions due to this cost.

However, with TaaS, you do not pay this upfront cost. Instead, you get a significantly reduced price in a monthly payment which is far easier to afford. You can avoid getting loans, dipping into credit, or choosing cheaper low-quality equipment.

Reducing Maintenance and Service Costs

All audiovisual equipment will need maintenance and service. It can be challenging to understand exactly what your equipment needs and when. It can be costly to get the service from a third party if no one on your staff can perform the service. When they can, it can be challenging to ensure that they are doing a good job and protecting the equipment from wear.

With TaaS, you get the peace of mind of professional service from people who, because they own your equipment, genuinely care about its condition, and you also get a reduction in maintenance costs. The costs are rolled into your monthly payment and spread out. As the TaaS company provides it, they are motivated to make it efficient and cost-effective.

Avoid Replacement and Obsolescence Costs

Technology becomes obsolete quickly. One day your software works with your camera; the next day, the camera can no longer support it. Your cable doesn’t work with your new camera, your wireless video and camera control link isn’t advanced enough to support new camera resolutions and features, and the list goes on. Obsolete equipment needs to be replaced, which can be costly unless you’re working with a TaaS that offers upgrades with no financial penalty—like VidOvation TaaS.

Reduce Costs from Natural Disasters

VidOvation Shield offers more protection and cost-reduction than other TaaS agreements. This is especially true when reducing the impact of an “act of God,” like a lightning strike, fire, or other natural disasters. We will cover 100% of your deductible, up to $5,000, significantly reducing your costs.

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