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How To Troubleshoot Invisible Signal Problems in a Live IP Production Workflow

Has switching to an IP production workflow added challenges like being unable to locate an invisible signal problem when it occurs on your SMPTE 2110 or video over IP connection?

At NAB 2024, VidOvation featured game-changing solutions that eliminate these common live production problems, including network observability probes.

In one interview, Matt Robbins from KITPLUS and Jim from VidOvation talk about the challenges that can arise when troubleshooting and diagnosing issues within the cloud, such as flow restriction, a blocked signal, or excessive jitter – and the solutions that are available now.

It used to be that you had an SDI signal on a port on the switcher, you plugged it in, and you could see the connection. In IP, it’s like a black hole keeping you from seeing problems. You can’t see the connection.

Maybe you’ve experienced frustration with troubleshooting an invisible problem and contacting your telco provider only to be told, “It’s not our network; everything is green.”

You’ll be amazed by how network observability probes allow you to see problems in the circuit. They can show you the number of hops on the path your video circuit takes to see if your provider is the culprit and make visible common points where signals are going through the same data center when they claim to provide full redundancy.

Watch the video to learn how network probes can enhance your system visibility. >>



If you’re ready to demystify what’s happening in the cloud or your SMPTE 2110 video network to make troubleshooting a breeze or to secure the connectivity you need for your next live production, schedule a call with Jim at VidOvation to talk more about your options.

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