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How to Use Digital Signage to Increase Excitement and Engagement in Casinos

Published on Apr 23, 2019 | IPTV, Digital Signage

Digital signage is a method in which informational and instructional advertising content is displayed on electronic displays (including LCD, LED, OLED and older Plasma panels). The displays can be located throughout corporate buildings or in public areas, or more simply anywhere that has space for a display to be stationed. This is regarded as a very cost-efficient way of displaying advertising content since advertisements can be quickly switched between, allowing multiple customers to have their promotional content shown in the same space.

These benefits also transfer over to casino digital signage, where gaming floors and refreshment facilities have gradually been transformed over the past few decades. In this article, we will discuss the ways in which you can improve excitement and engagement through the utilization of a digital signage system in your casino.

Digital Signage Use Cases

Whilst casino digital signage solutions are primarily used for the displaying of advertising, it can also find other purposes such as assisting with navigation around your premises.

Giving turn by turn instructions to your guests, that assist with them finding the casino games they want to play, which will increase engagement with your tables and machines resulting in boosted gambling revenues. As much as it may look good having groups of customers perusing the casino floor, they’d be better off seated and engaging with your games.

Another benefit of these systems is their usage in food and drink establishments. Many prestigious gambling premises will have dining provisions for guests, where casino IPTV can be utilized to draw attention to important breaking news and service updates for your clientele. These customers will be seated and susceptible to eye-catching graphics that can be placed on these displays, meaning you can take advantage of your casino TV system’s power to increase customer engagement and satisfaction with your business services.

Digital signage systems can also be directly implemented into your service offerings, such as being used at betting kiosks. The utilization of displays is commonplace at a modern betting kiosk, whereby they are ordinarily used to show information relating to odds and events scores, among other things. The high visibility of these panels makes for an effective lure to try the service, with 360 degree viewing angles meaning potential customers from all four corners of your casino can see.


It is apparent that modern casinos are becoming visually more akin to the vast skylines of cities like New York, with bright and vivid imagery on display everywhere you look. A casino TV system can be an excellent way to increase customer engagement and excitement with your service offerings.

With multiple display technologies at your disposal, you can inspire awe in your customers, thanks to the crisp resolutions and sizes of these panels.

You can use these displays to help customers navigate your lobby, assisting with the location of favorite games and food and drink establishments.

Clientele will also appreciate the increased density of information that can be displayed in places like your betting kiosks. Large screens increase visibility and you can arrange placement to provide 360-degree viewing angles for your potential customers.

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