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Improve the Museum Experience With IPTV and Digital Signage


Published on Sep 14, 2019 | IPTV, Digital Signage

The goal of a museum is to immerse a visitor in educational content and to tell a story with exhibits. It’s important to integrate technology to enhance the impact of the displays and allow audiences to enjoy a completely unique and memorable experience.

Our expert team at VidOvation works with museums to help educators capitalize on the latest technology when building new displays. In this new post, we’ll explore the full range of benefits digital signage and IPTV bring to museums.

Integrate Touch Technology

The impact that touch technology can have on your displays cannot be overstated. Visitors, especially children, want to be able to touch and control the information that they see on the screen in front of them. They’re used to being able to manipulate screens so that they can review new details and gain a clearer understanding of displayed content.

Add New Forms of Content

Beyond informational content, you can harness digital displays to increase the types of content your museum offers its visitors. For example, you will be able to display interactive games via your display. This will be important in involving visitors in the exhibit experience and helping them develop an understanding of the information being delivered. You might also consider adding quizzes to your digital signage display, boosting knowledge through entertainment.

Entertain With Stories

Stories are key to learning about new topics and discovering new ideas. Using digital signage, you can deliver compelling stories to your museum audience. For example, if you’re hosting a display outside a fossil exhibit, you might show how the fossil made its way to the museum and the history of that particular animal via the screen. This type of story is often more entertaining than simply reading the same information on a plaque.

Personalize the Event Experience

Both IPTV and digital signage allow the visitor to personalize their event experience. For example, you will be able to integrate a social media feed within your IPTV or digital display. Visitors will be able to update their social media and place the spotlight on their profile while enjoying the museum’s exhibits. You can also personalize the event experience by updating displays on the day.

For example, when you know that students from a particular school are visiting the museum, you might update your digital signage to send a personalized message to the students.

Promote Upcoming Exhibits

A key element of in-house IPTV systems is promotion for upcoming exhibits. Museums must be able to showcase their latest displays and help build an audience for their content. By promoting upcoming exhibits via your in-house IPTV system, you have a qualified audience ready to access the information.

This form of direct advertising is far more effective than radio and television promotions, which don’t allow for the same precision in targeted messaging.

Highlight Current Exhibits

When you’re working with IPTV in your museum, you gain greater control over the messaging you can deliver to your venue audience. If you have an exhibit that you feel deserves more attention, you can use the IPTV system to generate interest and to point out the exhibit to your audience.

This is ideal for larger museums in which there are hundreds of exhibits, and visitors wouldn’t ordinarily see each exhibit during their time in the museum. The technology gives you the ability to change the information based on the day. So, for example, if you have a demonstration lined up, you can inform visitors about the demonstration and explain the value of that event.

Guide Work Teams

Another key element beyond entertaining audiences and delivering promotional content is presenting employees with information. Within the museum space, IPTV can be used to give employees key details about the current museum schedule and any changes that have taken place. The technology can also be used to make the lives of your employees easier, as they don’t have to remember as much information and can turn to display technology to enhance their interactions with your visitors.

Choose the Latest Technology From VidOvation

Our team at VidOvation has decades Digital Signage in Museum of experience in the display technology field. We understand the challenges you face in delivering content in your museum, and we can provide the ideal solutions at affordable price points. For a quote, questions, or other inquiries, contact VidOvation today.

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