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IP to the Camera – Completing the Broadcast Chain

Published on Aug 13, 2019 | Podcast

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What’s Inside:

Traditional Remote Production IP Remote Production Hardware IP Camera Back Transceiver Typhoon Ingest Card Interfaces and Connections Future Enhancements Synchronous Ethernet IEEE 1588 Video and Audio Network Protocols Genlock and Precision Timing Controls Limitations of IP Distribution RTP Packet Reordering RTP Statistics Monitoring Camera Control and Timecode Succesful Implementations

Here’s the Abstract:

Abstract. Extending studio data networks to cameras located anywhere around the globe is the logical endpoint of work currently underway to develop standards for future studios. Not only does this reduce the number of signal formats that need to be supported, but also enables significant cost savings by reducing or eliminating the need to deploy people and equipment to remote venues for live productions. Mobile production and ENG teams can reduce or eliminate their dependency on mobile production trucks. This paper will describe technical details of the Stagebox system developed by BBC R&+D including: Multicamera video and audio synchronization enabled by IEEE 1588 PTP, Video and audio encapsulation, Support for ancillary services including timecode, talkback, tally, and camera control, Direct integration into live workflows, including editing, archiving, and live-to-air production, Deployed directlyDirect Deployment on the Camera -Back with battery power

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