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IPTV 101 for Universities, Technical Colleges and E-Learning

Published on Jul 27, 2017 | Enterprise & In-house IPTV, Broadcast

From hosting your own e-learning content to providing entertainment for students, IPTV is an extremely versatile technology that has numerous benefits for universities, technical colleges, and other educational organizations.

Over the last decade, universities around the world have embraced IPTV technology as a way to deliver educational content to students using a more flexible, scalable platform than typical classrooms and lecture theaters.

If you’re involved in managing an educational organization, IPTV should be at the top of your tech-related priority list. Below, we’ve explained how universities and other institutes of higher education can use IPTV to deliver better service and better results for their students.

Create e-learning programs for remote study

One of the biggest advantages of IPTV is that it allows your organization to create its very own e-learning platform.

E-learning, or online learning, lets your students participate in lessons and view lectures using their computer or mobile device, all without having to physically visit the classroom to take part in a lesson.

This means students can participate in your class on their own schedule, eliminating scheduling conflicts that are common for busy students. It can also ease the strain on your classrooms for popular classes that result in overcrowding.

Because e-learning content can be streamed or viewed later in the day, your students can also rewatch lectures and lessons to catch up on missed classes or refresh their memory before an exam or assessment.

If your school has multiple campuses, e-learning content delivered using IPTV can also help you create a “bridge” between locations, saving your students from commuting between campuses just to participate in one class.

The end result is a higher quality, more convenient experience for your students that also help you offer a wider range of classes without scheduling or overcrowding problems, with the help of HDMI wireless video technology.

Provide entertaining content in dorms and residences

Living on campus should be a fun, fulfilling experience for students. One of the easiest ways to make on-campus life more fun for residents is to use IPTV to provide on-demand entertainment in dorm rooms and on-campus residences.

IPTV can be used to provide on-demand entertainment, with the latest television shows, movies and other content available for students and employees at any time.

Instead of relying on regular TV to access engaging content, students can tune in to your own campus IPTV channels or access entertainment on demand. This is an easy, effective way to make your school or university more appealing to students considering on-campus living.

On-demand entertainment can also be a great source of revenue for your school. By paying to access content, your students can contribute money for important things like facility repairs and maintenance, community events and more.

Deliver important messages and announcements

IPTV also makes it easy to deliver announcements across your entire campus. Instead of using a traditional announcement system, your campus staff can use IPTV to deliver audio and video messages to hundreds of classrooms, offices and public areas at once.

This makes IPTV a great tool for alerting students and staff to safety issues on campus, events that are ongoing or soon to begin, changes to normal scheduling and other issues that students and staff members should be aware of.

Schools and universities can also use IPTV in emergencies to deliver important information on a mass scale.

Since IPTV scales extremely well, using it as a public announcement platform can cost far less than traditional technology, helping your campus deliver important information faster at a lower cost than the alternatives

Start using IPTV on your campus

From schools and universities to businesses of all sizes, we specialize in helping organizations use IPTV to deliver content and operate more efficiently. To learn more, please view our range of IPTV equipment online or contact our expert team.

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