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Exploring the latest in IPTV and Digital Signage Solutions from VidOvation at NAB 2024



At NAB 2024, VidOvation, a leading provider of innovative technology solutions, showcased its cutting-edge offerings in IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) and digital signage. Jim Jachetta, the CTO and co-founder of VidOvation, provided an insightful preview of the company’s booth, offering a glimpse into their products’ advanced features and functionalities.

Using IPTV For Better Hotel Experience

IPTV and Digital Signage for Casino and Hotel

VidOvation’s IPTV Offering

VidOvation’s booth at NAB 2024 featured an impressive array of IPTV solutions tailored for enterprise use. One of the highlights was their integration of DirecTV within their IPTV and digital signage systems. Jim Jachetta introduced the DirecTV COM3000 high-density receiver, a compact yet powerful device capable of receiving up to 43 channels of DirecTV in just one rack unit. Moreover, VidOvation offers versions of the COM3000 that can handle up to 138 DirecTV channels simultaneously, making it a scalable solution for businesses of all sizes.

COM421 Chassis – up to 46 Channels of DirecTV


COM400 Chassis for COM3000 – up to 138 Channels of DirecTV

Middleware and Smart TV Management

Central to VidOvation’s IPTV system is its robust middleware, which serves as the backbone for controlling set-top boxes and managing smart TVs. The company collaborates with industry giants like Samsung and LG to ensure seamless integration with hospitality-grade smart TVs. Additionally, VidOvation supports various set-top boxes, including those from Amino and LG, providing customers with flexibility in device selection.

IPTV for Broadcast Master Control and Command Centers

Integration of House Feeds and Digital Signage

VidOvation goes beyond traditional IPTV solutions by offering integration capabilities for house feeds or internal feeds into the television system. This feature is particularly beneficial for studio and broadcast customers, allowing them to bring stage feeds directly into the television system for real-time monitoring of productions. Moreover, VidOvation’s IPTV system seamlessly integrates digital signage, enabling businesses to deliver a blend of live television content and informational or marketing messages in common areas such as lobbies, break areas, or casino floors.



Live TV with L-Bar Multi-Zone Digital Signage

Versatility and Applications

With VidOvation’s IPTV and digital signage solutions, businesses gain a versatile platform for distributing live television content across their network. Whether it’s for entertainment, information dissemination, or marketing purposes, VidOvation’s systems offer a comprehensive solution tailored to each customer’s unique needs. VidOvation’s technology applications are diverse and impactful, from convention centers to corporate offices.


As Jim Jachetta emphasized, VidOvation stands ready to assist businesses in leveraging the power of IPTV and digital signage to enhance their operations. Whether you need live television distribution or are seeking to enrich your digital signage strategy, VidOvation provides the expertise and solutions to meet your requirements. For more information or inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact VidOvation and explore the possibilities of IPTV and digital signage for your organization.


Hello, I’m Jim Jachetta, a CTO and co-founder of VidOvation. Welcome to our booth at NAB 2024. In case you couldn’t join us at the show this year, I’m giving a little preview of some of the things we have in our booth.

So here we have our IPTV offering. So many of our enterprise IPTV and digital signage solutions included integration of DirecTV. So here we have a small DirecTV COM3000 high-density receiver.

We have versions of this platform that can receive up to 138 DirecTV channels simultaneously in three rack units. The small unit here can receive 43 channels of DirecTV in one rack unit. Our IPTV system is based on our middleware.

The middleware controls the set-top boxes and manages the smart TVs. We work with Samsung and LG hospitality-grade smart TVs, as well as various set-top boxes, amino set-top boxes, and LG set-top boxes. It’s also common to integrate house feeds, in-house feeds, or internal feeds into the television system.

For many of our studio or broadcast customers, we integrate stage feeds into the television system so that executives don’t have to get up and go down to the soundstage to watch what’s going on in the production. They can keep an eye on the production through the television system. As I mentioned, we integrate digital signage.

So, your television system is not only for entertainment purposes; it can also be used for information or marketing purposes. So, in common areas like lobbies, break areas, or casino floors, we’ve implemented systems in convention centers like the LVCC. You might want a mixture of live television content with digital signage for informational purposes.

So please contact VidOvation if you need a means of distributing live television on your network or better known as IPTV or digital signage. Thank you so much and have a great day.

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